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Thursday, April 2, 2020  
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Stefano Grossi Stefano Grossi
Stefano Grossi specializes in online marketing through search engine optimization, blogging, public relations, and PPC campaigns. Visit his website here.
Catey Hill Catey Hill
Catey Hill is the money editor for eHow.com and a freelance writer whose work has appeared in/on The Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney, Worth, Seventeen, Forbes.com, MarketWatch.com, the New York Daily News, and dozens of other publications and websites. She is also the author of “Shoo, Jimmy Choo! The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spending Less and Saving More” (Sterling, 2010). Read more at CateyHill.com.
Leslie Householder Leslie Householder
Leslie Householder is the award-winning, best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor (read it FREE here), Hidden Treasures, and Portal to Genius. She also created the 12-week life-changing FTMF (Family Time & Money Freedom) Home Study Program. Above all, Leslie is a dedicated wife and mother of seven children.
Stacy Johnson Stacy Johnson
Stacy Johnson, creator of MoneyTalksNews.com, became a TV journalist 20 years ago after first earning licenses as a CPA, stock broker, commodities broker, options principal, real estate agent and life insurance agent. He's written and produced close to three thousand consumer news stories, and have written two Ballantine books, Life or Debt and Money Made Simple.
Celina Jones Celina Jones
Celina has written many presidential papers and likes discussing current political issues in her wok. She excels in writing articles related to debt settlement companies, credit card debt etc.
Eric Khan Eric Khan
Eric Khan has been a top loan officer with Total Mortgage since 2009 and has been in the mortgage business for 10 years. Eric is licensed in 15 states. Contact Eric by phone at 203-783-4593, or by email at ekhan@totalmortgage.com. NMLS # 184348.
Kathleen Burns Kingsbury Kathleen Burns Kingsbury
Kathleen Burns Kingsbury is a wealth psychology expert, founder of KBK Wealth Connection, and author of several books including How to Give Financial Advice to Women and How to Give Financial Advice to Couples. She serves on the CNBC Digital Financial Advisor Council and is a sought-after industry keynote speaker on the topics of women and wealth and advising couples. For more information, visit kbkwealthconnection.com.
Tom Layson Tom Layson
Former News 12 anchor and It's Your Money producer. Now: Managing Editor, KBTC-TV in Tacoma, WA
Christian Losciale Christian Losciale
Christian Losciale, a former journalist, writes about personal finance for Smart Military Money.
Ruth Luban Ruth Luban
Author of Corporate Refugees, Ruth is a counselor and consultant in private practice. She has spent the last twenty-five years developing workshops, treatment programs, and training for a wide variety of individual and corporate clients.
Kari Luckett Kari Luckett
Kari Luckett writes about all financial topics for CompareWallet.com and is the content strategist for CompareCards.com. Vist her Google+ page here.
John Max John Max
The articles of Ethan Grunt have been proving very useful for the customers who look forward to get information on business credit cards. He suggests them to visit Businesscreditcards.com for further information.
Matt Olberding Matt Olberding
Matt Olberding has 18 years of experience as a reporter and editor at newspapers in Nebraska, Minnesota and Florida, including the past eight years as a business reporter and blogger specializing in residential and commercial real estate as well as personal finance. He has also worked as a freelance writer and editor for various websites, including Zacks, Motley Fool, Livestrong and Chron.com.
Susan Owen-Thursfield Susan Owen-Thursfield
Susan wants to play any part in helping people to understand and learn stress management techniques and get out of debt. For further help and practical debt budgeting help used by everyday moms and dads, please visit Debt Management Plans Online where you can sign up for her free Debt Tips Newsletter, and start sleeping soundly again.
Chris Peruzzi Chris Peruzzi
Christopher Peruzzi is a science fiction and horror enthusiast. He is a writer by night and an IT professional by day. Chris is currently working on his first novel, a horror story involving the great state of New Jersey. When he's not writing it, or articles for Hubpages, he blogs with others on his own site, Vikar's Rant (www.vikarsrant.net) where he is editor and chief.
Steve Rhode Steve Rhode
Steve Rhode is the founder of GetOutOfDebt.org, a site that provides free help for people looking for advice on how to get out of debt or getting out of debt.
Paul Richard Paul Richard
Executive Director of the Institute of Consumer Financial Education, (ICFE) a nonprofit, educational foundation, established in 1982. Paul is a 27 year veteran of financial education leadership and is a nationally recognized personal finance authority, a bankruptcy reform advocate, a published author of books and articles, an educator, a savings advocate, a public speaker, a seminar leader and who is often a quoted authority in a wide variety of print and broadcast media.
Terry Rigg Terry Rigg
Terry Rigg is the editor of the Budget Stretcher Newsletter. The Budget Stretcher Newsletter is published monthly and is loaded with information that will save you time and money everyday. Go to http://www.homemoneyhelp.com for more information.
Ellen Rohr Ellen Rohr
Ellen Rohr, president of www.BareBonesBiz.com, teaches the basics, the few things that make all the difference to your business success.  Ellen nearly sank her own family’s business.  Then, she learned how to keep track of the money...and make more of it.  In turn, she has helped thousands of biz builders start, fix and grow their companies.
Ted Rood Ted Rood
Ted Rood has been a St Louis area loan officer for 12 years, providing his clients with advice on debt, credit, and structuring mortgages.  He was recently voted a 5 Star Lender by readers of St. Louis Magazine and closed over $35 million in loans in 2011.  Ted has written on mortgages and finance for Yahoo, Associated Content, and for the St Louis Post Dispatch.  He is a loan officer for Bank Star, and can be reached at 314-740-0004 or at ted_rood@yahoo.com


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