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Articles about "Credit Counseling"
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Debt Free: How I did it Debt Free: How I did it
by Cindy Campbell
About three years ago I sat down and knew for sure I was in debt. I had credit cards that were over the limit, due to me charging and charging, but not paying. I use to write checks at the grocery stores, for cash back, knowing I was going to be paid within a day or so, so I knew the money would be there when the check cleared, just not at the time it was written. I was so deep in debt.
8 Ways to Consolidate Debt 8 Ways to Consolidate Debt
by Gerri Detweiler
Next to winning the lottery, a debt consolidation loan is a debtor's dream. With one monthly payment and a fixed monthly payment schedule, you can actually see an end to those monthly payments. In reality, consolidating bills isn't always easy. If you have a lot of debt, it can be hard to find a consolidation loan at a lower interest rate. And if you're not careful, you can end up deeper in debt than when you started.
Nightmare on Debt Street: A Debt Reduction Story Nightmare on Debt Street: A Debt Reduction Story
by Steve DebtSmart Reader
Our story begins 23 years ago when my wife and I got our first credit card ever. We were young, married just a short while, and had already established good credit (without a credit card). Back then the credit card was for "emergencies" only. What a crock!
Choosing a debt counselor Choosing a debt counselor
by Scott Bilker
Scott, I am interested in finding out about credit counseling...an overview of what it entails and how to choose a person or organization. Questions to ask and what to look for. I need outside, ongoing help with changing my habits in regard to money. Your help is much appreciated. Heather
Follow up to Follow up to "Jenni the Bill Collector"
by Scott Bilker
I received many responses to the last article, Jenni the Bill Collector. As you may guess, the negative remarks about the article came from bill collectors and the positive article comments from people harassed by bill collectors (the majority). But one response stood out so much that I had to share this with everyone.
Jenni the Bill Collector Jenni the Bill Collector
by Scott Bilker
I am a bill collector. What a lot of people forget is that what we do is our job. We do not come to your office and cuss you out because you wanted an 8:00 meeting. Under the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) we are legally allowed to call from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm your local time.
Chris Peruzzi vs. the Debt Counselors Chris Peruzzi vs. the Debt Counselors
by Chris Peruzzi
I've got SUCH a headache. If you ever want to see me lose my temper really fast, talk to me about my debt counseling company. I have never had to deal with such a band of galactic level screw-ups in my life. In a roundabout way, I would guess that they are doing the job they are supposed to be doing. They are curing me of any kind of desire to ever be in debt again.
Always Check Into Debt Consolidation Organizations Always Check Into Debt Consolidation Organizations
by Christine DebtSmart Reader
My story begins like most of the people in this country. My husband and I had a lot of credit card debt that was getting out of control. No matter how hard we tried, the debt just seemed to never go away.
Life After Credit Counseling Life After Credit Counseling
by Scott Bilker
I am currently going through credit counseling to erase a $4,000 debt on 3 cards. I have recently returned to full-time work after completing school and want to know what course I should follow while I pay off my debt to put myself in good standing with future creditors.
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