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Monday, June 24, 2024

Scott BilkerHi,

Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to!

My goal is to bring the most effective and useful information to my readers to help them save money on their debts, manage their finances, and earn more income. has a focus, and that focus is to create a better financial life for all its visitors. Nothing makes me happier than when I receive feedback from my readers about how much money they're saving or how something they read at has helped them.

Submissions are welcome and will be reviewed for publication that is consistent with the following guidelines:
1) Submitting articles is not a guarantee of publication.
2) At this time, is not paying for content. However, if published, you will be a featured author. Your article will contain your photo (if desired) and links back to your website and/or email.
3) has the right to reject any article for any reason.
4) Articles must be submitted electronically via contact form. Please do not send attached files, in-line text only (or direct links to articles) via contact form here.
5) When you submit your work, you agree that DebtSmart®, Press One Publishing, and its assigns and licensees, have been granted the non-exclusive right to use and/or reproduce your article in any manner, in any media, and for any purpose.
6) Please send a photo, if available, or a link to your photo. (If you want your article to contain your picture.)
7) I will contact you to let you know if your article(s) have been accepted for publication. Chances are that I will not know the publication date. Most likely, you will see your work appear in the DebtSmart Email Newsletter sometime within the following six (6) months. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and keep watch for your articles.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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