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Tech-savvy ways to shop smart and save money Tech-savvy ways to shop smart and save money
by Eric Haubrich
Regardless of your financial situation it always makes sense to stretch your hard earned dollar. Harnessing the technology you have at your fingertips makes saving much easier. There are a lot of ways to get the things you buy on a regular basis as well as major purchases at deep discounts with just a few clicks. Here are some of the best tools you’ll find to shop smart and save money on all kinds of products and services.
Feeding a Family for $300 a month? Feeding a Family for $300 a month?
by Tawara Kellam
I do something that most people think they can't do today. I feed my family of 5 for $300 a month. Most people say that's an impossible feat, but what boggles minds even more is that I do it without using coupons. How do I do it? First, I use what I have. If I don't have milk in the house, I don't make a special trip to the store for it.
7 household budgeting tips 7 household budgeting tips
by S. L. Simmons
Do you frequently get cash from ATMs and then have no idea where it ends up? Do you end up paying late fees simply because you don't have a good system in place for tracking and paying your bills? If you don't have a good budget system in place, it is easy to lose track of your hard earned money. The tips below can help you to keep your finances under control.
Valentine's Day On A Dime Valentine's Day On A Dime
by Tawara Kellam
Using a little imagination, you can make your Valentine’s day a little more fun and a lot less expensive. If you want to add a little personalized romance or if you don’t have the time or money to buy all the pre-made things in the store, here are some ideas from livingonadime.com to help you make the day special.
It's Your Money: Saving It's Your Money: Saving
by Tom Layson
The national savings rate continues to be a bit of an embarrassment. A.G. Edwards did a survey recently that focused on savings, and they've developed a score that gives people credit for saving for their appreciating homes and increasing stock values--needless to say, I find that portion of the company's effort to be garbage.
Whatever you do...DON'T SAVE ANY MONEY! Whatever you do...DON'T SAVE ANY MONEY!
by Doris Dobkins
No, that's not a misprint. Even though falling interest rates are good when you want to get a loan, they are bad for people with savings accounts.
One Saved is Two Earned One Saved is Two Earned
by Doris Dobkins
Most of us will do anything to earn a few extra dollars but are we just as willing to spend a few hours looking for the best deal when we make a purchase?
Your 2004 New Year's Resolution--save more money! Your 2004 New Year's Resolution--save more money!
by Gregory Thomas
Are you planning on a "New Year's Resolution" to start saving more money in 2004? Like any resolution, unless some action is taken on your part, nothing will ever change.
More Meaning in Life More Meaning in Life
by Doris Dobkins
Sometimes in all our efforts to live more frugally, save money and simplify our lives, we forget why we are making these choices. Is the American Dream still more is better or is it shifting to something more along the lines of more fun, less stuff?
Do What You Can! Do What You Can!
by Doris Dobkins
Do you have debts that feel hopeless? Do you neglect having a savings account because you don't have any money at the end of the month to make it even worth your while? If this is you, I want you to...
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