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Debt Trap Debt Trap
Debt: The next big American crisis? Instead of accumulating wealth, many falling further behind on payments. Dateline looks into a fundamental economic problem: the debt epidemic. Chriss Snyder has $25,000 dollars in credit card debt that she's trying to get under control. She describes a potential trap that could cost you big money. The economy is in freefall and no one's sure where rock bottom is. And as the mortgage crisis and mounting job losses melt away the American dream, another fundamental economic problem is being exposed: America's debt epidemic.
Debt Collector Complaints Are On the Rise: Know Your Rights! Debt Collector Complaints Are On the Rise: Know Your Rights!
by Gerri Detweiler
With the ongoing credit crisis, a lot of people are getting calls from debt collectors. Most of these collectors are merely trying to do their job, but there are some among them who are so money-hungry (in many cases motivated by bonuses and commissions) that they will go so far as to violate the regulations of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. As a result, complaints against debt collectors are on the increase according to the Better Business Bureau and federal regulators. The FTC reported that it received more complaints I 2007 about debt collectors than in reference to any other industry. These are the top complaints received about debt collectors by the FTC in 2007...
Stealing from people of faith Stealing from people of faith
by Scott Bilker
Click-click-clicking through the channels...hmmm, what's on TV tonight? Look at this, B.E.T. is running a show about God with Pastor Robert Tilton. He is a fairly convincing speaker like many of his televangelist cohorts, but what's his message? You may think it is the same message as the majority of these charismatic "shepherds" however, this guy caught my attention when he said to call for his free booklet titled, "How to Pay Your Bills Supernaturally."
Follow up to Follow up to "Jenni the Bill Collector"
by Scott Bilker
I received many responses to the last article, Jenni the Bill Collector. As you may guess, the negative remarks about the article came from bill collectors and the positive article comments from people harassed by bill collectors (the majority). But one response stood out so much that I had to share this with everyone.
Jenni the Bill Collector Jenni the Bill Collector
by Scott Bilker
I am a bill collector. What a lot of people forget is that what we do is our job. We do not come to your office and cuss you out because you wanted an 8:00 meeting. Under the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) we are legally allowed to call from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm your local time.
Collection Company After a 23-Year Old Debt Collection Company After a 23-Year Old Debt
by Scott Bilker
I received a letter telling me that I owed a debt of $535.73, but, "if I paid $214.00 immediately," they would cancel the debt. I cannot recall owing this debt. It was made, according to the company (I called this AM) in 1980, under my husband's name. I have checked through as many old papers as I have and can't find this debt. When I pay a card off, I always cut it up. I have no cards now, and pay everything by check. Can they collect on a debt this old?
Bad Customer Service Bad Customer Service
by Chris Peruzzi
July 14th, 2002 I got a call yesterday at 8:AM. I don't like getting calls at 8:AM at work or at home. Obviously, there's nothing I can do about the work calls but the home calls, I'd like to think that this is an open invitation to be rude...
Payback Time Payback Time
by Gary Foreman
I just finished reading the letter from "Tina", who was upset that she was being "harassed" by a collection agency. Could you address the other angle of this? I'm 32 and I guess I have a big chip on my shoulder about people who run up debts and are then outraged that they would have to pay it back.
Harassing Collection Calls Harassing Collection Calls
by Gary Foreman
Dear Dollar Stretcher, My husband and I have one credit card debt to the tune of about $3,500. I cancelled the account so we can't charge any more. We have been making payments of $100 every month, which is well below the minimum payments that the credit card company requests. They call nearly every day, most often more than once...Is there any way we can stop the phone calls? Are we breaking the law by not paying the entire minimum payment?
Debt Collection Debt Collection
by Gary Foreman
Dear Dollar Stretcher, I had an outstanding judgment against me for $1,000 to pay off an apartment lease that was broken when my ex-husband and I divorced. The total amount owed prior to the judgment was $1,700. The third-party collector who's been calling me insists that I pay that amount. The court said I owe $1,000 which has been paid in full. What can I tell the collector to make him go away?
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