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Articles about "Bankruptcy"
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What to Know Before You File For Bankruptcy What to Know Before You File For Bankruptcy
by Becky Schmitz
You may feel you don’t have any other options. Maybe you owe several people money, your credit is maxed out, and you are falling deeper into debt so you start to explore filing for bankruptcy. You thought you never would, but you’ve heard about it, maybe even someone you know has done it and the question you want to know is when should you?
Bankruptcy Law Passes House Bankruptcy Law Passes House
by Scott Bilker
Bankruptcy change legislation passed Congress last week in a 302 to 126 vote and has been signed into law by President Bush. The changes introduced by this bill are tough on consumers and good for banks. Banks are having their cake and eating it too, as the hackneyed-cliché goes.
Should I declare bankruptcy? Should I declare bankruptcy?
by Gary Foreman
Gary, My husband and I got married quite young, made some unwise financial decisions and ended up in debt (some credit card, some personal loans) with a grand total of $24,000. After many years of trying we feel that we have no other choice but to file for bankruptcy. We honestly would like to do anything else but we feel that this is our only alternative. --Exhausted in Sudbury
Prisoner in Paradise Seeks Lifeboat Prisoner in Paradise Seeks Lifeboat
by Scott Bilker
Aloha Scott! I have about $20,000 spread over five cards (in three years time) in non-frivolous, "survival" debt racked up from rough times lately and inconsistent work, yada, yada, yada. I've been making minimum, never late payments and the occasional "transfer dance" to take advantage of lower interest rate offers. But man! Am I tired of the Dance!! --Roland
The Do's and Don'ts of Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy The Do's and Don'ts of Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy
by Paula Langguth Ryan
Bankruptcy is the hardest financial decision you'll ever face. It can be a fresh start, or it can be the start of the biggest financial nightmare ever. To make sure you truly get a fresh start after bankruptcy, follow these "Do's and Don'ts"
Buying a House After Bankruptcy Buying a House After Bankruptcy
by Scott Bilker
How hard is it to buy a house after filing for chapter seven bankruptcy? How long will it take to get a house? What are some of the things I need to do before even going to try to buy a house?
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