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Bad Customer Service Bad Customer Service
by Chris Peruzzi
July 14th, 2002 I got a call yesterday at 8:AM. I don't like getting calls at 8:AM at work or at home. Obviously, there's nothing I can do about the work calls but the home calls, I'd like to think that this is an open invitation to be rude...
Money And Integrity Money And Integrity
by Chris Peruzzi
Have I mentioned to you that I'm monetarily motivated? No? Well, I am. Believe me, I know that about 80% of my problems could be solved with cash and I am not above saying so. However, I am also a great believer in personal...
Chris Peruzzi vs. the Debt Counselors Chris Peruzzi vs. the Debt Counselors
by Chris Peruzzi
I've got SUCH a headache. If you ever want to see me lose my temper really fast, talk to me about my debt counseling company. I have never had to deal with such a band of galactic level screw-ups in my life. In a roundabout way, I would guess that they are doing the job they are supposed to be doing. They are curing me of any kind of desire to ever be in debt again.
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