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How do you get over $7,000 in one year NOT working? How do you get over $7,000 in one year NOT working?
by Tawara Kellam
Many of us feel overwhelmed by debt and don't know how to start climbing out of it. For others it's a misconception that the more money you earn the easier it is to save. My husband and I paid off $20,000 of credit card debt and medical bills in 5 years on an average income of $22,000 a year. Here is how you can save over $7,000 in just one year cutting a few things from your...
Household Math™: Future Savings  Household Math™: Future Savings 
by Scott Bilker
Kelly wins $25,000 in the lottery and decides to put this money away for the future. She deposits the cash in a money market fund and expects to earn an average of 4% for 10 years. Kelly's younger sister, Audrey, wants to accumulate the same amount of money as Kelly in 10 years but Audrey doesn't have $25,000 lying around. Audrey decides to make monthly deposits at the same bank as Kelly and she expects the same rate of return. How much does Audrey have to deposit each month to have the same amount as Kelly in 10 years?
Budget Baby Steps Budget Baby Steps
by Tammy Harrison
You are a two-income family, sharing and spreading the wealth amongst yourselves. All of a sudden, baby one comes along, and you find your heart pulled in a different direction than you ever imagined. Your emotions run high, and you make a decision that will change your life and the life of your family forever -- you quit your job and your checkbook has a heart attack!
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