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Three Reasons You Should NEVER Own a Debit Card Three Reasons You Should NEVER Own a Debit Card
by Scott Bilker
Debit cards have become a very popular way to pay for everything from fast food to rental cars. The Federal Reserve reports that debit card transactions have been growing more than 20 percent annually and have surpassed credit card transactions.
The TRUTH About Credit Repair The TRUTH About Credit Repair
by Scott Bilker
Ads abound almost everywhere (online and off) selling books, systems and secrets to help you fix your credit in a hurry. Many of these programs have claims, which read like the covers of supermarket tabloids, "In 3 hours my credit score jumped from 580 to 676!"..."Erase bad credit and smash your debts with just 2 Magic Letters!"..."Create a completely new credit file in 24 hours!" Are these types of claims ALWAYS too good to be true? The answer is "Yes and...no."
Is your credit score costing you a fortune? Is your credit score costing you a fortune?
by Scott Bilker
While some surveys show that 9 out of 10 consumers are unaware what their credit score is, I'd like to quickly share with you how your credit score could be costing you a fortune…in more ways than you can imagine. We all know a low credit score will make everything in the world of finance more expensive because of higher interest rates from lenders due to being considered a greater credit risk.
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