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Friday, July 12, 2024   
Gone in 4 Seconds!
by Sheriff Ken Jenne
Sheriff Ken Jenne

From coast to coast, law enforcement has been seeing an increase in violent crime on our streets--and it is becoming a dangerous trend. While Broward has not traveled as far down the road as other communities, I am concerned we may be heading in that direction. Instead of waiting to see what happens, we are taking action to prevent the trend now. More from the sheriff at Sheriff.org

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This is a great video from Sheriff Ken Jenne of the Broward Sheriff’s Office. You won’t believe what the criminals are up to now.

If you think that gas prices are ripping you off at the pump, then you HAVE to see this video! Not only is it possible to lose your cash-on-hand, but even worse--your identity!


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Click in the center of the video on the play button ( ) to start.



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