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Tuesday, July 16, 2024  
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Verizon Wireless slaps customers with $2 fee for online and phone payments

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Verizon Wireless announced Thursday, December 29, 2012, that it is going to charge a $2 “convenience fee” to mobile phone users starting January 15, 2012. The $2 will be charged when making single bill payments online or by telephone. Sounds very “convenient” for them, not us.

Verizon said, “The fee will help allow us to continue to support these single bill payment options in these channels and is designed to address costs incurred by us for only those customers who choose to make single bill payments in alternate payment channels (online, mobile, telephone).”

In a statement, Verizon listed the seven ways for customers to avoid the $2 fee:

  1. Electronic check online (My Verizon Online, My Verizon Mobile/Handset). Fee waived.
  2. Electronic check via telephone. Fee waived.
  3. Enrollment in AutoPay using credit/debit/ATM card or electronic check; fee does not apply
  4. Online from the customer’s home-banking service provider website; fee does not apply.
  5. Credit/debit/ATM card, electronic check or cash at a Bill Payment Kiosk, Panel or with a representative at a Verizon Wireless Communications Store; fee does not apply.
  6. Use of a Verizon Wireless Gift Card or Verizon Wireless device Rebate Card to pay a bill in-store, online or by telephone; fee does not apply.
  7. Paper check or money order mailed to the VZW remit address on customer’s bill; fee does not apply.

I have been using online single pay with my credit card, so I will avoid this fee by enrolling in AutoPay. I use my credit card because I want to get rewards (cash back). At least it’s somewhat of a discount. However, if that wasn’t an option for me, I would send them a paper check. That’s only 44 cents for the stamp instead of $2 for the online fee. Plus, we’ll see how “convenient” it is for Verizon to open the envelope and process that check (with the 50 staples through it—haha).

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