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Tuesday, July 16, 2024  
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Household Math: Shopping Sale

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Two stores are having a sale. In Store #1 the deal is take 25% off then take an additional 25% off. In Store #2 the deal is take 50% off. Which store has the better deal? (Store #1, Store #2, Both are the same)

Store #2

In order to clarify what’s going on here let’s look at an example.

Say you’re buying a jacket that costs $100. In Store #1 the discount is 25%, which makes the jacket cost $75, and then you take off another 25%, which makes the jacket cost $56.25.

In Store #2 the discount is simply 50% off, which makes the jacket cost $50.

Buying the jacket in Store #2 costs $6.25 less than buying it in Store #1.

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