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Monday, June 24, 2024  
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10 financial questions you should ask yourself today!

Scott Bilker Scott Bilker is the founder of DebtSmart.com and author of the best-selling books, Talk Your Way Out of Credit Card DebtCredit Card and Debt Management, and How to be more Credit Card and Debt Smart. Receive the 5-Year Loan Spreadsheet when you subscribe to his email newsletter.

To quote the very well-known motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, “Questions are the answer.” What exactly does he mean? Tony believes, as do I, that you have the ability to find the answer to any question. They key is to ask the right questions.

If you’re constantly asking yourself, “Why was I so stupid to get into debt?”, your brain is going to give you an answer like, “Because you’re a loser.”

The thing to remember is that your brain will keep working on your question subconsciously until you get an answer. We’ve all had the experience of waking up in the middle of the night with the answer to something you were thinking about earlier in the day.

The quality of the answer is directly related to the quality of the question. A better question is “What action can I take today to start reducing my debt?” Your brain will ponder this until it returns an answer. That may be something like, “Get financially organized. Look through all my credit card statements and see if I can determine if any one card is better than another.”

Here are 10 questions whose answers, I am confident, will guide you to a better financial life:

  1. What action(s) can I take today to start reducing my debt?
  2. How can I start making more money within the next 5 days?
  3. What can I do to start saving money?
  4. What did I learn about finances today?
  5. What day, this week, can I commit to going to the library and researching my financial options?
  6. How can I use my computer to improve my life financially?
  7. How can I double my income within one year?
  8. What dreams did I have when I was younger that I should revisit today that would improve my life?
  9. Do I have the right amount of insurance?
  10. How can I enjoy the process of working to reduce my debt?
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