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DebtSmart Presidential Survey Results

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The original survey ran in the 10/19/11 email newsletter.

Results are in and it’s clear that the President Obama was the top choice for DebtSmart readers in every question. Based on reader comments, much of this support, from people that are looking to trim their debt and manage their finances, seems to be because they feel that Republicans are out of touch with average Americans and that President Bush and the Republicans are the source of today’s economic problems.


Who has the best plan for the economy?
1) 35.71% Barack Obama
2) 24.29% Herman Cain
3) 18.57% Ron Paul
4) 8.576% Mitt Romney

Who would be the best leader?
1) 35.71% Barack Obama
2) 21.43% Herman Cain
3) 15.71% Ron Paul
4) 11.43% Mitt Romney

Who is the smartest candidate?
1) 37.14% Barack Obama
2) 25.71% Newt Gingrich
3) 18.57% Ron Paul
4) 10.00% Herman Cain

Who would be best at foreign affairs?
1) 34.29% Barack Obama
2) 28.57% Newt Gingrich
3) 15.71% Ron Paul
4) 11.43% Mitt Romney

Who would be best a getting the country out of debt?
1) 30.00% Barack Obama
2) 22.86% Herman Cain
3) 21.43% Ron Paul
4) 14.29% Mitt Romney

Who can you identify with most?
1) 32.86% Barack Obama
2) 20.00% Herman Cain
3) 17.14% Ron Paul
4) 8.576% Newt Gingrich

Who do you think will be the Republican candidate?
1) 65.71% Mitt Romney
2) 12.86% Herman Cain
3) 8.576% Ron Paul
4) 5.719% Newt Gingrich

Who do you WANT to win the 2012 election?
1) 32.86% Barack Obama
2) 20.00% Herman Cain
3) 18.57% Ron Paul
4) 11.43% Mitt Romney

Who do you THINK will win the 2012 election?
1) 52.86% Barack Obama
2) 21.43% Mitt Romney
3) 10.00% Herman Cain
4) 8.576% Ron Paul



“The entire group of GOP candidates are denialists that seem to have to have a religious reason for everything they do. Politics and leadership should have nothing to do with religion, it should all be common sense and love of country.”–Bob

“Romney, representing the Republican Establishment (previously known as the Rockefeller Republicans) will lose to Obama just as Senator McCain did. Many of us are tired of these wanttabe conservatives. I will not vote for one of these phony conservatives.”–James

“Best be careful about these men who have some good ideas, but no experience and need someone strong on foreign policy that can bring jobs back to the US.”–JH

“I wish they would stop the debates. And get out and talk to the people, communicate with people who do not agree with them. Convince these people of their ideas.”–Barbara

“No one is a standout candidate for 2012. I think Newt has the most knowledge but is not electable. I would like to see Newt on the ticket if Cain is elected. ”

“I liked Romney and Perry at first but their conflicts have brought too many things to light. I believe that Gingrich is a good choice and probably has the most experience and is the smartest but I like what Cain has to say. He is a business man and that’s probably what we need to run this country because after all it’s a business that runs every day and needs to be controlled like a business not like it is today with our current administration.”–Pat

“I picked Mitt Romney, however I really don’t care who gets in as long as it is NOT Obama or Perry”

“Most of the Republicans are extremists, settling on gays, abortion and religion as most important issues to settle versus the economy, providing a better environment for job growth, immigration, foreign trade and diplomacy. I only want Mr. Obama to win because he definitely seems more “normal” then the rest! The others are wacky in my opinion and I can’t believe there are sooo many wacky people out there in office! Peace Out.”–Mari

“Obama inherited this mess started by Bush and has and is doing everything possible to get this country going again. It really does not matter who wins the Presidential race until we get rid of all the stupid congress members. Only think they can agree on is that they all get a pay raise every year and the hell with everyone else. Other than that they are a waste of tax payers money. Joe Austin”–Joe

“The Republican candidates are a joke and are dangerous for America, its people, and its economy.”

“This current president is in way over his head he gives good speech but he is just an empty suit. He is a tax and SPEND liberal that hasn’t a clue how to run this country. Any one of the Republican candidates would do a much better job. Romney-Rubio 2012!”–Anthony

“I think Barack Obama has been put in a ridiculous situation by the circumstances when he came into office and now by the totally uncooperative congress. I wish we could start all over, get all our congressmen out of office, limit terms, ages, and amounts spent on campaigns. If we used all that campaign money we would be out of debt by now!!!!!”–Elaine

“We need Americans in government, NOT Republicans and Democrats!”–Joe

“Cains 9-9-9 plan is horrible for the truly poor and a gift served on a golden platter for the very wealthy. Barack Obama is the least effectual President since Woodrow Wilson. Apparently, it is not enough to be brilliant and a good person. You also have to lead!”–Barbara

“It seems to me that the only thing republicans are interested in doing is interfering with the president’s agenda regardless of it’s perceived benefits to the country. I am currently living and working in southeast Asia and the perception of those here is that the citizens of the USA are, to put it bluntly, stupid. They are quite supportive of the president because of his intelligence and restraint, as opposed to the previous occupant who they openly disdained, and are mystified why some Americans are so openly hostile towards him.”

“i think all the candidates are jokes and career politicians. unless they are willing to let go of contributions from corporations and have publicly funded campaigns then it can never be a true democracy for the people.”

“Tough times for all the candidates and the US, but we cannot go back to the same group that approved of the Bush administration that got us in to this mess.”

“I don’t think any of the candidates are the best ones to lead our country. As long as they surround themselves with good advisers, I don’t think it makes too much difference. ANYONE is better than President Obama, who is deliberately dragging down our economy so the the ‘wealth can be spread around’; America’s wealth to other countries. We’re being overrun with illegals and Obama is deliberately allowing it. We need to turn our country around and it starts with a new President in 2012.”–Sharon

“I don’t think any of them stand out as yet. I just try to go with the one that seems the most sensible. At least, vote the current officeholders out and find the lesser of all the evils. Do an article on the Cain plan and what the real taxes would be with state sales tax and gas tax etc. That may get people thinking a bit more. “–Lonnie

“Newt has the overall knowledge about government (local and foreign) and how it runs. However, he has a lot of history (baggage) in his past. I think he would be my first pick for President. My second choice would be Herman Cain, Honestly, anyone of the Republican candidates would be better than Barack Obama!”–Randee

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