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Tuesday, December 10, 2019   

by Michael Angier
Michael Angier is the founder and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of SuccessNet based in South Burlington, Vermont USA. He’s a father, husband, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, coach and student. He's also the creator of The World Class Business™ Conference.
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Michael Angier

In today's market and with today's technology it's never been easier to compete with established companies and well-known individuals. Never before has opportunity been so universally available.

Every day I see where someone has published their first book, launched a new company, starred in a new film or partnered with a large corporate entity. I like to read about people going for their dreams.

What may not be apparent is that these are everyday people. Those who have been successful in achieving their dreams are usually not any different than you and me.

Except for one thing--they went out and did it.

All too often, I see people hold back and not go after their dreams because they don't feel special enough. They erroneously believe that the people out there doing great things are privileged in some way. They believe them to have more knowledge, more connections or more inside information than they themselves do.

This is rarely true. With few exceptions, the ones out there making things happen simply had the courage and the urgency to do so. They believed in themselves and in what they were doing. Sometimes not a lot--but at least enough to get started.

They didn't wait for permission. They didn't wait until everything was perfect. No stars had to align. They didn't have it all figured out, but they acted nonetheless.

We live in a day and age where speed is of the essence. The product or service that gets out there first is usually the one to be the most successful. Wait until the product is perfect and you'll likely lose out. Getting it launched is paramount.

As I consult with individuals and senior executives of corporations, I find many viable ideas that get launched late or not at all because they're not feeling ready or worthy. There always seems to be something they're waiting for.

What's needed is courage. We must give ourselves permission to act. We don't need anyone else's permission. Boldness pays off. Initiative rules.

What are YOU waiting for? Where are you holding back? What deep-seated dream do you have within you? You deserve to fulfill your unique potential.

Remember that the people out their winning simply believe enough in themselves and in their dreams to take a chance. They're willing to take calculated risks--to bet on themselves and on their ideas.

What's the worst that can happen? There's no shame in failing. Failing is part of success and people forget about your failings in the bright light of your accomplishment. And they respect your courage.

I believe that everyone has a dream they long to achieve. But I think most of these dreams lie buried within and are never brought forth. And the world, as well as the one with the dream are worse off for it.

If you're not clear on what your dream is, take some action on any project that interests you. It doesn't matter which one. The process may very likely expose your true calling.

We find what we're looking for. If you're intent upon uncovering your dream you will do so. For some reason the Universe has a way of hanging on to answers until it knows we are serious.

There IS a way to accomplish your dreams. Find out what you need to learn. Who can help you? What's your biggest roadblock? What one thing can you do today to move you closer to your objective?

Take some action every day and you'll begin to see your dream unfold.

In doing so, you'll find yourself among those you admire and respect for pursuing their heart's desire. We'll be reading about YOU.



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