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Saturday, October 21, 2017   

You Cannot Afford To Say, "I Can't Afford It"
by Michael Angier
Michael Angier is the founder and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of SuccessNet based in South Burlington, Vermont USA. He’s a father, husband, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, coach and student. He's also the creator of The World Class Business™ Conference.
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Michael Angier

Every week I get emails from people thanking me for all the great stuff we send their way. But many of them also apologize for not buying some of our other products or the products and services we very selectively recommend to them.

They say things like, "I have no money," "I'm broke," "I'm poor," or "I can't afford it." Every time these or similar words are uttered, we're telling ourselves that it's true. We are reinforcing this false belief.

I've been there myself. In fact, I've been a lot worse than broke. Fifteen years ago, being broke would have been a welcome step up. And when I was in that state I, too, said, "I can't afford it."

However, it became clear to me that if things were going to change, I had to change. I realized that in order to get myself out of those circumstances, I would have to change the way I thought, the way I spoke and the actions I took.

I made a conscious decision not to speak those negative, disempowering words. I stopped saying, "I can't afford it," and instead said, "I'm choosing not to spend my valuable resources in that way at this time."

I don't think I've said, "I can't afford it," in over 10 years.

You see, I learned that people who think in terms of lack say, "I can't afford this." But those with a wealth consciousness say, "HOW will we get the money to do this?"

Big difference.

And there are so many ways to increase our income today. If you have a job, you can go to your boss and ask what you need to do in order to increase your income. They are more than happy to pay more for additional value. If they aren't, find another employer.

Or you can start a part-time business. The opportunities are truly endless. There has never been a better time to start a low or in many cases--no-cost home business.

My question to anyone who says they have little or no money is, "What are you doing to get yourself where you DO have more money?" "What's your plan of action to increase your income?"

Most people don't have one. They have hope, but hope isn't a strategy.

I'd say if you aren't FINANCIALLY comfortable, then watching TV shouldn't even be an option. You need to be making steady and consistent progress toward added income.

And I would describe comfortable as having at least 20% of your income being discretionary. In other words, if you make $1000 a week, at least $200 of it should not already be required for payments or expenses.

Do not resign yourself to having insufficient income. You are not destined to just getting by--unless you allow yourself to be.

At the VERY least, stop the negative comments. You simply can't afford it.

Reader Comments
" It hit the nail on the head! I have a friend who will give you 20 reasons why she can't take a job that is staring her in the face. She needs at least $2,000 to get herself caught up til the end of the year, is in state housing, hasn't had more than a short temp job in 10 years that I know of and is looking for "funding" instead of a paycheck! It drives me crazy."
" I like the aspect of positive thinking about my circumstances. I realized that I am one of those folks who always mention how broke I am. After reading this article, that will stop today! I needed to hear it. I even feel lighter knowing I will take the negative words out of my vocabulary. Thanks for the great article!"
" I like the idea of avoiding negative thoughts and ideas and the idea that your never really broke and cannot afford something that will help you improve your money situation."
--Daniel J Kauffman


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