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Six Keys to Budgeting Success Six Keys to Budgeting Success
by Nancy Twigg
Although many people cringe when they hear the word "budget," our family budget has come to be one of my best friends. One key to abundant living for us is financial peace--knowing that we are living within our means while setting aside money to...
Budgets and Credit Cards Budgets and Credit Cards
by Gary Foreman
I was hoping you can help me solve a problem I have encountered while trying to live on a budget. I have created a budget with a fixed amount that can be spent on certain items, i.e. entertainment. At times I go over this amount. I charge everything on my credit card, in order to receive a cash back bonus. My bill arrives the month after I overspend....My problem is applying my budget to real life, because I still want to use my charge card to pay for everything. Can you please help me figure out this problem? I have tried over and over to figure it out and I'm stuck.
Cut Expenses By 20% Cut Expenses By 20%
by Terry Rigg
If you are like most of us you have areas in your budget that could be trimmed by at least 20%. What about your grocery bill? Unless you are using every cost-cutting method available, then you could even beat that 20% on your food bill. Each area of your expenses has room to be trimmed. Let's just briefly discuss a few:
Plugging the Leaks in Your Budget Plugging the Leaks in Your Budget
by Nancy Twigg
Five dollars here, ten dollars there -- these little leaks may not seem like much at the time but added together, they can make a serious dent in your attempts to control your cash flow. Here are some quick reminders for stretching your dollars by controlling the most common areas of budget "leakage."
by Gregory Thomas
I am a firm believer that the ability to save and budget is dependant on the plan and approach one takes. Sure many proclaim they want to conserve and save more, but how many actually accomplish this? Saying one thing and actually doing are completely different from one another.
Budget Leftovers Budget Leftovers
by Terry Rigg
It is extremely difficult to setup a budget, especially when you are behind on some of your bills. Even if you can make your regular bills and expenses fit neatly into your budget, what can you do if you don't have the money to catch up?
Write your financial profile Write your financial profile
by Doris Dobkins
It's fun to read financial profiles. Humans, by nature are curious about how much other people make and how they live with what they make. Profiles can communicate someone's salary, how many children they have, how much they save, how big their mortgage payments are and what else they spend their money on.
Sorting Your Money Sorting Your Money
by Terry Rigg
With all of the different items that the average individual or family spends money on, it can be difficult to keep it separated. You have to have money for groceries, car gas, school lunches, dining out and entertainment just to name a few.
The Three Little Pigs: Your Child and Money The Three Little Pigs: Your Child and Money
by Scott Danger
As a first-time parent, I wonder how I will handle many things. Lately, I've been thinking about how and when I will introduce my daughter to the concepts of money and saving and spending. As I was searching the Internet for more information on this topic, I found the following idea submitted by a reader on an investing web site. The concept is simple, but it teaches children about the benefits of saving and investing and spending in a simple and visual way.
Survey Results: Holiday Spending
by Scott Bilker
We've all been told to try to return to our lives and get on with our business. It's very difficult. I wonder how the events of September 11, 2001 are going to affect this upcoming holiday season. All the experts says the economy is going to take a pounding but I'd like to ask you about how you're going to spend this season.
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