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Household Math™: How Much Spending Household Math™: How Much Spending
by Scott Bilker
Jackie wanted to figure out how much money she actually spent this month. She looked at all the checks she wrote and her credit card spending. Jackie noted that she hadn't used her credit card for purchases. However, she did write a checks for: (1) $50 for cable TV; (2) $125 for groceries; (3) electric bill for $200; and (4) a minimum payment on her credit card of $80. How much did Jackie spend this month?
Living On What's Left Living On What's Left
by Terry Rigg
Let's talk about how much money you have to cover your household expenses after you pay all of those bills. Your household expenses would include your groceries, car gas, school lunches, and all of the other stuff that it takes to run a household. Do you have enough to pay this bill? All to often, people tend to...
Survey Results: Cutting Spending vs. More Income
by Scott Bilker
What do you think is the faster way out of debt? Cutting your spending or increasing your income?
How do you get over $7,000 in one year NOT working? How do you get over $7,000 in one year NOT working?
by Tawara Kellam
Many of us feel overwhelmed by debt and don't know how to start climbing out of it. For others it's a misconception that the more money you earn the easier it is to save. My husband and I paid off $20,000 of credit card debt and medical bills in 5 years on an average income of $22,000 a year. Here is how you can save over $7,000 in just one year cutting a few things from your...
Budget Baby Steps Budget Baby Steps
by Tammy Harrison
You are a two-income family, sharing and spreading the wealth amongst yourselves. All of a sudden, baby one comes along, and you find your heart pulled in a different direction than you ever imagined. Your emotions run high, and you make a decision that will change your life and the life of your family forever -- you quit your job and your checkbook has a heart attack!
Trimming the Fat From Your Budget Trimming the Fat From Your Budget
by Nancy Twigg
Fat in your family budget is very much like the extra pounds around your waistline: it sneaks up on you! Those little, seemingly insignificant expenses here and there add up to big chunks of your income that could be used otherwise. If you're looking to put your budget on a diet, the first step is to...
Women Need to Focus on Saving More Than Men Women Need to Focus on Saving More Than Men
by Womens-Finance.com
Studies show that men do most of the savings, yet women need to save more than men for a number of reasons...
Consumer Spending Quiz Consumer Spending Quiz
by Richard Crammer
Have you ever wondered if what you spend on food is higher than the average family? How about how much you spend on housing, clothing, or entertainment? The Bureau of Labor Statistics annually reports the spending habits of consumers in the US. Most of the answers from this quiz were taken from this report. So, if you are curious about how much you spend compared to the national average take the quiz.
Survey Results: Personal Budgets
by Scott Bilker
Fixing debt and spending problems first requires knowing where they exist. To know that involves tracking spending, setting goals, and being very organized. How organized are you?
Low Overhead Low Overhead
by Gary Foreman
When I was a boy one local department store had a jingle that featured the repeated chorus of "low overhead, low overhead". They claimed to offer lower prices because they kept their 'overhead' down. And the same idea applies to our family finances. The lower your 'overhead' is the more...
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