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Money Management
by Doris Dobkins
Doris Dobkins is the publisher of $mart Money New$. You can subscribe by visiting her web site at CreativeFinances.com
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Doris Dobkins

Are you good at handling money? Are you good at money management? Do you have self-control? How's your attitude towards money?

Robert J. Hastings wrote, "Money management is basically self-control, for unless one learns to control himself, he is no more likely to control his money than he is to discipline his habits, his time, or his temper. Undisciplined money usually spells undisciplined persons."

Mr. Hastings makes some strong statements but are they true? How do you learn self-control with respect to your money? Managing your money properly may take a whole lifestyle change. Are you up for that challenge?

Part of the key to your money management success is to obtain a proper attitude. Don't consider yourself in bondage when managing your money. Look at yourself as FREE when you do manage it correctly.

You will have freedom and power to do what you should instead of what your impulses suggest. You won't have liabilities and debts hanging over your head. You won't have bill collectors calling you demanding payments. You won't have the worries associated with debt when you can't make a payment or meet an obligation. And there won't be extra month at the end of every paycheck.

You will learn to be content where you are and with what you have.

So don't think of money management as a systematic plan, which you must be a slave to. Think of money management as an attitude - your attitude toward how you save, spend, and earn your money.

Make today the first day on your quest to financial freedom and a debt free life!



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