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Tuesday, May 21, 2024   

I've never seen anything like it
by Joe Vitale
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Joe Vitale

I've never seen anything like it.

I'm literally getting mailing after mailing from people panicking over the world economy, wondering how they're going to cope with it.

And my heart goes out to each and every one of them. In fact, at one time I actually was homeless living on the street. I know the feeling of being scared.

The theme in all these mailings is that money seems to now be viewed more from a negative perspective than a positive.

This really got me thinking hard and I figured it was time to do whatever I can to help change people's perspective back--regardless of the apparent financial crisis playing out in the negative media.


I decided I'd like to dispel seven money myths that the negative media likes to spoon-feed you. And once you understand them, you will not only get through the financial crisis--you will prosper even more in the future.

Here they are...

1. Stocks are not as secure as acting on ideas.
Moneymaking ideas are gifts from the Universe; act fast on them and you can prosper fast. (Don't simply entrust your money to others--have faith in your own ideas and take control of your financial future.)

2. Saving is not as powerful in attracting money as giving.
The more money you give, from a heart of love and to wherever you feel inspired, the more you will receive. (And this is not just true of money--you can also give your time to helping others.)

3. Planning for your retirement isnąt as powerful as living now with an awareness of your future.
Putting off your enjoyment of life is pushing away your current prosperity. (When you save for a rainy day or delay enjoying your life now, you do yourself a disservice. After all, none of us know exactly how many days we have left on this beautiful planet.)

4. Investing in something like real estate isn't as rewarding as investing in yourself.
The more you expand your awareness and education, the more you can see the opportunities to make more money. (The more you invest in yourself--the better the return you'll get when you take action on what you learned.)

5. A belief such as money is the root of all evil will block prosperity.
The lack of money is actually the root of all evil. Being detached but respectful toward money will help you attract it. (Remember that right now, even during all the financial chaos out there--someone is getting wealthy and attracting a fortune.)

6. Scarcity is a function of the mind; so is abundance.
Human creativity can solve any problem and find ways to profit along the way. (If you can block out the negative media and what the masses are thinking and doing--you may be surprised what you can accomplish. Sometimes you have to zig, while others zag.)

And finally...

7. Practical spending isnąt as wise as enthusiastic spending.
When you buy something that helps you feel good, you increase your energy vibration, feel better about yourself, and tend to do more things to make more money.


I want you to remember that you are already wealthy and you may not even know it. People all around the world would be envious to be in your shoes.

Count your blessings everyday and be grateful for all that you already have whether it be a home, car, savings, your family, or a best friend with a shoulder you can lean on during rough times.



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