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Friday, September 18, 2020   
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Money books for kids Money books for kids
by Scott Bilker
Educating your children about money is one of the smartest, and most rewarding, financial moves for any family. It is in our childhood that we are conditioned to have emotions related to money. Many of these emotions, like fear of not having enough money, or having too much money, are not based in reality. These feelings can hold you back later in life so it's important to have an understanding about money from as early an age as possible.
Student and credit cards Student and credit cards
by Scott Bilker
Scott, I'm so lost! I'm about to obtain my first credit card, and I do not know where to start or even how many to take out. What deal is the best? Do I look at the APR or the nice rewards they have? I'm just trying to establish a good credit history, because I am aware that you need one if you want to eventually buy a house/car. Thanks so much for your help. Meri
High School Students and Credit Cards--A Recipe for Disaster? High School Students and Credit Cards--A Recipe for Disaster?
by Rebecca Lindsey
Ahhh, school days. Reading, writing, and rooting for your school football team. Hanging out at the mall and surfing the web. Ok, so things have changed a little since you were in school. The current generation of teenagers now has more purchasing power than ever, and companies are spending millions of dollars to get your teen to pay attention to their products.
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