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Guilt Free Vacations Guilt Free Vacations
by Gary Foreman
I am looking for guidelines on how much money to spend on travel/vacation. My question is how much is reasonable to spend total? Are there any rules-of-thumb?
Payback Time Payback Time
by Gary Foreman
I just finished reading the letter from "Tina", who was upset that she was being "harassed" by a collection agency. Could you address the other angle of this? I'm 32 and I guess I have a big chip on my shoulder about people who run up debts and are then outraged that they would have to pay it back.
Early Payoff Early Payoff
by Scott Bilker
Scott, I would like to pay off my 80K-15 year, 7.74% mortgage in 8-10 years? How much per month or year do I have to make to reach this goal?
Reducing Your Mortgage Reducing Your Mortgage
by Gary Foreman
I once heard that you can cut a mortgage in half by simply making one extra payment per year. Is this true? And does this work with any loans like... car, personal and student loans? Thanks.
Debt Negotiation Debt Negotiation
by Scott Bilker
I need to know if this will really work. It makes me very nervous in not paying my bills so they can be negotiated. I talked to DEBTCO and I got very excited that I could be out of debt in 3 years but when I got the papers (contract) I felt a little uneasy. Should I be uneasy? Should I think more about consolidation? Please help me make the right choice. I really need help with my debt.
Dangerous Information Dangerous Information
by Gary Foreman
Dear Dollar Stretcher, Someone told me you weren't supposed to put your social security number on your checks. Also you shouldn't have your number on your driver's license since that number is used for a lot of private things. Can you give me some input on this subject?
Band Instruments Band Instruments
by Gary Foreman
I just read your article about the rent to own question. Your examples are easy ones. What about the difficult ones - namely school band instruments? I read somewhere that the rule of thumb is if they are going to play the instrument for more than 2 years it's cheaper to buy. If they play it for less than 2 years it's cheaper to rent... --Mary
by Craig Kimmel
Dear Craig: I purchased a new Mazda Protege. Around 32K I noticed a knocking sound in the front axle/wheel base when making right turns. I took the car to the dealership on 5 occasions but the problem was not remedied. An independent Mazda mechanic said that the factory had built a faulty front axle and that Mazda should replace it under the 50K warranty. My trip to the mechanics took me over the 50K mileage. I went back to the dealership (two more occasions) but got stonewalled; they refused to honor the warranty...
Cheap used car Cheap used car
by Gary Foreman
Dear Gary, I'm a struggling, hard-working single mother who is in dire need of a car, but I can't stand the thought of making car payments for 5 years because of my bad credit. I have $3,000 saved and I'm considering going to an auto auction. If this is not a feasible way to get a car, could you please tell me the best way to get one?
Many Questions...Many Answers Many Questions...Many Answers
by Scott Bilker
After each show I received many great questions and many of these viewers allowed me to share their questions with everyone. I received questions about mortgages, debt counselors, consolidation, credit histories, bankruptcy, medical bills, credit cards (of course), and many other topics. Below are the some of those questions and answers.
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