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Contest Results from 8/17/01 Email Newsletter Contest Results from 8/17/01 Email Newsletter
by Scott Bilker
You have an outstanding credit card balance of $5,500 at 15.99% APR (fixed) and you're making payments of $99.87 per month. You decide to save money by transferring this balance to an 9.99% APR (fixed) and keep making the same monthly payment of $99.87. How much money do you save?
One Day Late, Yeah Right One Day Late, Yeah Right
by Scott Bilker
I had the feeling that since being one day late means that banks can charge a late fee, it's possible that, well, payments could "accidentally" be held for say, oh, 24 hours. Oops, you're late!
Identity Theft--A Personal Story Identity Theft--A Personal Story
by Robert Gamble
I called the credit card company, and came to find out that someone else had signed up for the card, they had my name, my social security number, my address...
Fair Credit Billing Fair Credit Billing
by Federal Trade Commission
Have you ever been billed for merchandise you returned or never received? Has your credit card company ever charged you twice for the same item or failed to credit a payment to your account? While frustrating, these errors can be corrected.
No Money Down No Money Down
by Gary Foreman
I see a guy on TV all the time. He says that you can buy a home with no money down and then come from closing with money in your pocket. Supposedly people buy homes and make millions a year. Do you know about this? How this could be done? Is it worth the 3 payments of $59.99? Or is it a scam?
Reading the fine print in those low-rate credit card offers Reading the fine print in those low-rate credit card offers
by Scott Bilker
Taking advantage of low-rate offers is almost always a good idea. That's where the bulk of interest savings are found when you're managing your debt. However, there may be hidden costs that need to be uncovered before deciding to accept a seemingly good deal. It is imperative that you read through and understand the entire low-rate offer. I want to talk about the details you can expect to find in those low-rate credit card offers letters.
Excerpt from Excerpt from "Credit Card and Debt Management"
by Scott Bilker
I want to begin this chapter with a personal story. My father asked me to help him pick out a new car....
Biweekly mortgage may be a rip-off Biweekly mortgage may be a rip-off
by Scott Bilker
Biweekly mortgages have been touted by many companies as being an excellent way to save money and pay off your mortgage earlier. Some companies even claim that "it won't cost you any more than you're paying now." What a crock! What do you think a true biweekly mortgage saves you?
Lower your credit-card APR right now! Lower your credit-card APR right now!
by Scott Bilker
When was the last time you took a look at your credit card APR (Annual Percentage Rate)? What do you do if you discover that you are paying too much for your loans? Well, quite simply, make the bank lower your rate. Sound impossible? More than half of the time I've been able to make my banks lower their interest rates. The trick is to have the right deal-breaker.
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