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Clean Out the Yuck in Your Life! Clean Out the Yuck in Your Life!
by Michael Angier
When we lie--when we operate outside our value systems, even when we're the only one who knows we did--we have to bury that feeling inside ourselves. I call it "Yuck." Any negative secret feeling has to be stuffed. We deny it to ourselves because to face it would illuminate our lack of integrity. We either have to deal with it or stuff it. And most of us stuff it.
Biweekly Mortgages: A Reader's Personal Story Biweekly Mortgages: A Reader's Personal Story
by Scott Bilker
The following is a series of e-mails written back-and-forth between Scott Bilker and Kevin, a DebtSmart Reader, about Kevin's experience with a nightmare of a mortgage!
Kicking the Worry Habit Kicking the Worry Habit
by Michael Angier
I used to worry all the time. I worried about livestock disease. I worried about getting bank loans. I worried about the buying price of grain and the selling prices of livestock. I worried about not having enough money. I was unhappy, fatigued and irritable. It had become a disease. And then I...
What About Ben Franklin? What About Ben Franklin?
by Doris Dobkins
I was reading a book to my kids this week called "The Value of Saving". It was the story of Benjamin Franklin. This story was a real inspiration to me about a thrifty and inventive person.
Mortgage Telemarketing--A Personal Story Mortgage Telemarketing--A Personal Story
by Jose Olivares
About an hour later, she calls and tells me she has "good news" for me. They can combine both loans at a great APR of 9.48%. Stunned by what this lady is telling me I paused and asked her to explain how exactly it was that she was coming up with this GREAT deal since I was paying 7.25%.
Make Make "Lemonade" from a Lemon
by Debra Vaughn
After browsing several dealerships in one day, I found two vans that I liked at two different dealerships. Here is how I got a van that is practically brand new for $8,999.00. The best part about it is, you can do it too!
Manipulating the System Manipulating the System
by Scott Bilker
It's Friday night and the phone rings... you know the call, it's late, the last bite of my dinner being chewed, all you want to do is watch TV and relax. Guess who's calling? Yes, it's a mortgage company that's trying to sell me a refinance deal!
Identity Theft--A Personal Story Identity Theft--A Personal Story
by Robert Gamble
I called the credit card company, and came to find out that someone else had signed up for the card, they had my name, my social security number, my address...
Always Check Into Debt Consolidation Organizations Always Check Into Debt Consolidation Organizations
by Christine DebtSmart Reader
My story begins like most of the people in this country. My husband and I had a lot of credit card debt that was getting out of control. No matter how hard we tried, the debt just seemed to never go away.
How to punish your credit card bank How to punish your credit card bank
by Scott Bilker
Has your credit-card bank ever made you angry? I mean really infuriated to the point where you just want a little revenge for how you were treated? The only problem is that you may feel at their mercy…like they're somehow superior. Well, you know what? They're not! No single bank has a monopoly on that "green paper" called money. It's time to show them that if they don't treat you like the good customer you are, you're going to take your business elsewhere—in a big way.
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