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Mortgages, Taxes and Bigger Homes Mortgages, Taxes and Bigger Homes
by Gary Foreman
We have very nearly paid off our mortgage! But for some personal reasons we would like to have a different house. My husband says that since interest is tax-deductible, getting a new house makes financial sense especially with today's fairly low interest rates. To me, as much as I'd like to have a new house, it feels as if we have finally "caught up with our tails" only to begin chasing them again. Can you give us some perspective?
Household Math™: Early Mortgage Payoff Household Math™: Early Mortgage Payoff
by Scott Bilker
Assume a person is buying a $150,000 home at a rate of 7% interest on a 30-year loan, with the usual 20% down payment (so the loan would be $120,000). This person also has $20,000 in cash reserves. In which of these two scenarios would this person end up paying less money over the course of the loan?
Early Payoff Early Payoff
by Scott Bilker
Scott, I would like to pay off my 80K-15 year, 7.74% mortgage in 8-10 years? How much per month or year do I have to make to reach this goal?
Reducing Your Mortgage Reducing Your Mortgage
by Gary Foreman
I once heard that you can cut a mortgage in half by simply making one extra payment per year. Is this true? And does this work with any loans like... car, personal and student loans? Thanks.
Biweekly Mortgages: A Reader's Personal Story Biweekly Mortgages: A Reader's Personal Story
by Scott Bilker
The following is a series of e-mails written back-and-forth between Scott Bilker and Kevin, a DebtSmart Reader, about Kevin's experience with a nightmare of a mortgage!
Mortgage Telemarketing--A Personal Story Mortgage Telemarketing--A Personal Story
by Jose Olivares
About an hour later, she calls and tells me she has "good news" for me. They can combine both loans at a great APR of 9.48%. Stunned by what this lady is telling me I paused and asked her to explain how exactly it was that she was coming up with this GREAT deal since I was paying 7.25%.
Looking for the Best Mortgage? Looking for the Best Mortgage?
by Federal Trade Commission
Shopping around for a home loan or mortgage will help you to get the best financing deal. A mortgage-whether it's a home purchase, a refinancing, or a home equity loan-is a product, just like a car, so the price and terms may be negotiable. You'll want to compare all the costs involved in obtaining a mortgage. Shopping, comparing, and negotiating may save you thousands of dollars.
Single Parent Homeowner Single Parent Homeowner
by Gary Foreman
I am in the process of a divorce and want to keep the family home. Are there any programs out there for single parents that would offer a more favorable interest rate for re-financing?
Manipulating the System Manipulating the System
by Scott Bilker
It's Friday night and the phone rings... you know the call, it's late, the last bite of my dinner being chewed, all you want to do is watch TV and relax. Guess who's calling? Yes, it's a mortgage company that's trying to sell me a refinance deal!
Reverse Mortgages Reverse Mortgages
by Federal Trade Commission
If you are age 62 or older and are "house-rich, cash-poor," a reverse mortgage (RM) may be an option to help increase your income.
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