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Articles about "Holiday Spending"
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Watch the Upsells! Watch the Upsells!
by Doris Dobkins
Upon arriving at home, you pull out your calculator and all your receipts for the day. Total = $520.75. Oh my, what could have gone wrong. My budget was $350.00 and I had everything planned out so well. Your problem is called upsells! They are big this year and they are persuasive.
Survey Results: Holiday Shopping
by Scott Bilker
Did you go on a summer vacation this year? How much did you spend on vacation? Is the amount you spent on your summer vacation more or less than you initially planned on spending?
Cut Your Future Holiday Bills In Half Cut Your Future Holiday Bills In Half
by Gregory Thomas
Most of us have a certain number of holidays that we celebrate each and every year. That means quite a number of extra "gifts" that will need to be purchased for family and friends. In a bit, you will learn exactly when to get the best bargains on holiday merchandise, and how you can save quite a bit off your "gift" shopping bills.
Holiday Gift Giving Ideas Holiday Gift Giving Ideas
by Gregory Thomas
It's that time of year again, time for traveling, decorating, holiday parties, family, friends, relatives and of course. . . . shopping. Before you spend your money on the latest, hottest, newest gadgets, take a look at these options that will really save you quite a pocketful.
Survey Results: Holiday Spending
by Scott Bilker
We've all been told to try to return to our lives and get on with our business. It's very difficult. I wonder how the events of September 11, 2001 are going to affect this upcoming holiday season. All the experts says the economy is going to take a pounding but I'd like to ask you about how you're going to spend this season.
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