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Budgeting 101 Budgeting 101
by Scott Danger
Budgeting. Even a CPA thinks this topic is boring. So why did I choose this topic to discuss? Because unless you have an unlimited supply of cash and savings, it is probably something you should think about and consider.
Why Having a Budget Is the First Step to Getting Out of Debt Why Having a Budget Is the First Step to Getting Out of Debt
by Harrine Freeman
Many people constantly complain about being in debt but when you ask do you have a budget, do you know how much you owe, or when you suggest they cut back on expenses they look at you as if you are speaking a foreign language, or they just plain out refuse. I am always amazed at this, how can you ever get out of debt if you don’t change your mindset, if you aren’t willing to work hard and make sacrifices. There is no quick fix or cure all to get out of debt. It takes a long time to get in debt and you will not get out of debt overnight.
The Cost of Clutter The Cost of Clutter
by Jill Cooper
We live in a society of extremes. People seem to be extremely in debt, extremely overweight and extremely disorganized. People everywhere are trying to come up with new and better solutions to solve these problems but not many of their ideas are working. It's because they are focusing on the wrong problem. For example, if your child comes to you and says "I have a drug problem." You don't sit them down and say, "Well let's work on a way to get your grades up and then we'll work on your drug problem." How foolish that would be. The real problem is not the grades but the drugs. You take care of the drugs and the chances are pretty good that the grades will come up.
Instant Grati Syndrome Instant Grati Syndrome
by Harrine Freeman
As a baby when you cried your mother or father came running to take care of you. As a toddler when you cried your parents hugged or talked to you until you stopped. As a teenager when you wanted something you talked really nice and sweet to your parents to get it.
How to control your spending How to control your spending
by Art Graham
In order to control your unnecessary spending, it helps to understand why you spend. Spending money is often not the problem, it is often the symptom of something else. Let's take a look at three reasons people spend money and see if we can find ways to control them. When I was in grad school, I was sitting in an accounting class one day, and Vicki, who sat in front of me, turned around and asked me how my day was going.
5 Ways to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck 5 Ways to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
by Harrine Freeman
Over one million Americans file for personal bankruptcy every year. The average American household has 10 credit cards. People are living above their means. Americans are drowning in debt and the problem is getting worse. Many people are foreclosing on their homes and will be forced to live on the street because they are in so much debt.
Don't Try to do More in 2004 Don't Try to do More in 2004
by Michael Hudson
The holidays are quickly fading into memory and the New Year is now in full swing. No doubt you have returned to your disheveled workspace and your daily routine. Perhaps you've even tackled that resolution you made about getting organized and cleaning off your desk. But wait. Did you do it again this year? Did you create the list?
Your 2004 New Year's Resolution--save more money! Your 2004 New Year's Resolution--save more money!
by Gregory Thomas
Are you planning on a "New Year's Resolution" to start saving more money in 2004? Like any resolution, unless some action is taken on your part, nothing will ever change.
5 Simple Ways to Get Organized 5 Simple Ways to Get Organized
by Maria Gracia
The holidays are approaching. Here are 5 great ways to get organized for this festive season.
What's in your toolbox? What's in your toolbox?
by Sarah Pond with Michael Angier
Think tools are just for carpenters and plumbers? Think again! Everyone has a toolbox--or SHOULD have.
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