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Articles about "Ethics"
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Money And Integrity Money And Integrity
by Chris Peruzzi
Have I mentioned to you that I'm monetarily motivated? No? Well, I am. Believe me, I know that about 80% of my problems could be solved with cash and I am not above saying so. However, I am also a great believer in personal...
Survey Results: Lending to Friends
by Scott Bilker
This is always such a tough call. What do you do when your friends ask for money? If they don't repay are you angry about losing the cash or the trust you had in your friend's promise?
Your Agreements Show Your Integrity Your Agreements Show Your Integrity
by Michael Angier
Except for disease and climatic disasters, I believe that over 90 percent of the world's problems result from people not keeping their agreements. Think about it. From countries to corporations to families and...
Survey Results: The Rich; Love'em, Hate'em
by Scott Bilker
Every day you hear about another CEO that's made millions while sticking it to the little guy (or gal). They make millions while we owe millions. Is it fair? But what about the people that worked hard to get their wealth? The people that sacrificed years of their life to accumulate wealth and live the American-dream. Do they deserve it? Should they have to give it back?
Survey Results: Can Money Buy Happiness?
by Scott Bilker
You hear it all the time, "Money can't buy happiness," but I'm not convinced. I know a family that won $1 million in the lottery. They were unhappy and cranky prior to winning. After they won, they looked 10 years younger and were much happier and nicer. I wonder what you think. Please let everyone know your feelings by taking this survey.
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