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Wednesday, October 27, 2021   
Articles about "Depression"
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Chronic Debtor Help! Chronic Debtor Help!
by Scott Bilker
Scott, If one is an alcoholic there are so many places to turn for help. If there were a hospital for debtors I would check myself in immediately. I tried going to Spenders and Debtors support groups however, I was very discouraged by the fact that many people who were there had multiple addictions (mainly drug and alcohol). It didn't seem like an environment that would benefit me. Please help!--Michelle
Debt is Deadly (My debt is the end of my days) Debt is Deadly (My debt is the end of my days)
by Scott Bilker
Scott, When the night comes no one would know that the amount or the mixture would be fatal. Only I would know. On this night I will go to sleep, my mind will go blank, my breath will cease to move within my chest and the constant pain in my heart will, at last, be gone. There will be a cause of death as accidental overdose. There will be a life insurance policy with my children named as equal benefactors. Nancy
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