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5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Debt 5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Debt
by Scott Bilker
Between Thanksgiving and Christmas people are going to spend $121.4 billion using their credit cards! How are you going to pay for the gifts? Credit cards of course! I'm sure many people are going to criticize me for even suggesting such an idea.
Problems with balance transfers Problems with balance transfers
by Scott Bilker
Hi Scott, I have gone through the trouble the past few months to get a permanent, lower-interest credit card and also to get a promotional rate on the new card to transfer balances ($5,000 to $12,000). I go through the whole process and get approved for $1,000. I cancel the card immediately, because it's just not worth it. I canceled a card with $29,000 credit earlier in the year because I didn't want to support the company. What might be the problem? Seth
Balance transfer game Balance transfer game
by Scott Bilker
Dear Scott, I have learned a great deal even from just a few visits to your site and my husband has as well! Our problem: We are both sole proprietors of our own businesses and have ridden the freelance rollercoaster for a combined 30 years. I am slowly working away at debt I accumulated when I was in massage school. My husband, however, has not always been so good at opening his mail, paying his bills on time...He gets offers for 0 percent intro rates frequently, but they have horrible default rates. SMP
Using online credit card calculators as a personal finance tool Using online credit card calculators as a personal finance tool
by Curtis Arnold
The Web has greatly enhanced the availability of helpful resources pertaining to personal finance. Online financial calculators are a perfect example of how the Web is aiding consumers in making wise choices about credit. Online calculators are becoming increasingly popular financial tools and, while calculators are quite "user-friendly", there are some tips that consumers should consider when using calculators.
Credit Card Help From Scott Bilker: The $43,000 Man Credit Card Help From Scott Bilker: The $43,000 Man
by Christopher Yuscavage
When you are Scott Bilker, credit card help is not what you are offering people; it's a way out of debt for life!

Scott Bilker, author of Talk Your Way Out of Credit Card Debt, promises that his book is the quickest and easiest way out of debt for people like Mary and John.
Student and credit cards Student and credit cards
by Scott Bilker
Scott, I'm so lost! I'm about to obtain my first credit card, and I do not know where to start or even how many to take out. What deal is the best? Do I look at the APR or the nice rewards they have? I'm just trying to establish a good credit history, because I am aware that you need one if you want to eventually buy a house/car. Thanks so much for your help. Meri
My spouse doesn't agree! My spouse doesn't agree!
by Scott Bilker
Scott, I have debts that have different interest rates: 9 percent, 10 percent, 28 percent and 29 percent. I want to consolidate my debt at 16 percent interest rate. But my spouse doesn't agree! William
Second mortgage rate and APR Second mortgage rate and APR
by Scott Bilker
Scott, Why is it a different price for the quoted loan interest rate, my mortgage company Quicken Loans, quoted me 6.55 on a second. Then when I get the papers to sign, the APR fair credit paper states 7.1 for the interest rate. Is the mortgage company trying to be dishonest and not really give me the rate quoted? I don't understand; please help me. Thank you! Pam
Cutting Up Credit Cards Cutting Up Credit Cards
by Scott Bilker
Hello, My wife and I have a lot of credit cards. WE would like to cut them up so we don't use them. Should we notify the company's first to cancel them? We are having trouble paying them. Thanks for your help. Richie
Equity Issues Equity Issues
by Scott Bilker
Scott, Problem is, our 2nd mortgage is a LOC and the APR is drowning us! We want to pay off the LOC and our credit card debt and have some cash to invest in renovations. We are a single income family and as far as debt to income ratio is concerned, we're not looking so good. What to do? Alison
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