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Survey Results: Family Vacation
by Scott Bilker
Scott Bilker is the author of the best-selling books, Talk Your Way Out of Credit Card Debt, Credit Card and Debt Management, and How to be more Credit Card and Debt Smart. He's also the founder of DebtSmart.com. More about and DebtSmart can be found in the online media kit.
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Scott Bilker This survey originally ran in the 4/24/02 DebtSmart Email Newsletter.

Do the photos from the vacation help show what you're getting for the cost?

92.3% of respondents said Yes
7.7% of respondents said Not Necessary

Do you think that the cost for the vacation was:

57.1% of respondents said Inexpensive
38.1% of respondents said Okay
4.8% of respondents said A Little Pricey

Do you think you and your family would enjoy a cabin vacation? 

61.9% of respondents said Yes
23.8% of respondents said Possibly
14.3% of respondents said No

Have you ever vacationed in a cabin? If so how much did it cost per night?

66.6% of respondents said Never Vacationed in One
14.3% of respondents said $101 - $150
9.5% of respondents said $0 - $50

How much do you typically spend on a vacation: 

4.8% of respondents said $0 - $100
23.8% of respondents said $101 - $500
47.6% of respondents said $501 - $1,000
19% of respondents said $1,001 - $2,000

How many days do you spend on vacation each year (total)? 

9.5% of respondents said 0 - 3
42.9% of respondents said 4 - 7
33.3% of respondents said 7 - 14
9.5% of respondents said More than 14

Which photo did you like the best and why?

"The photo of the cabin interior. It gave a better impression of the living quarters."

"The one of the whole family eating in the last restaurant, shows the quality of the restaurant and that all are having fun."

"The images of the cabin were helpful--gave you a good idea of sleeping accommodations and what your money can buy..."

"I liked all the photos. They really helped me understand what the entire trip was like. I especially found the Greenman photo intriguing because I couldn't identify it at first."

"I enjoyed all the photos as it personalized the vacation and article. Elver Vally Cabin before and after pictures of how one evenings surprise can change our surrounds. It would remind me not to forget gloves and mittens! Also, I enjoyed seeing Brooke & Grant posing by the flowers."

"The Watch Tower picture was cool for the upwards angle it was taken at. The cabin looked cozy but spacious."

"Kids by the flowers... the flowers were beautiful."

"Photos of the cabin. Its nice to see what kind of room there is for living space. You get back from a long day together and it's nice for everyone to be able to have their space from each other."

"The cabin room. I imagined that it would be cramped, but the photo showed how roomy it was. Did you have to chop the wood?"

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Reader Comments

"Find the articles very helpful and interesting. Really good tips. Keep up the good work!"

"A lot of good tips and suggestions. I have put to use some of the information in the newsletter."

"I love the information that you give me and idea that I can used for my family vacation."

"Staying in a cabin is a great alternative to hotel/motel vacations, which can eat up a large portion of your vacation dollars. Our family thinks vacationing in a cabin is the only way to go!"



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