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Monday, May 20, 2019   
Suggested Questions for Radio/TV Interviews
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General Questions

1) Why are more and more Americans borrowing against their financial futures?
2) How do you know if you're headed for trouble with your credit cards--what are the warning signs?
3) How is it that many credit card holders are spending $96 for a $20 bill--without even knowing it?
4) Why shouldn't people in debt save for emergencies?
5) What's the most important factor in improving your credit rating?
6) How did you save $13,000 in finance charges simply by making a phone call?
7) How can you lower your monthly payments and still save money on finance charges at the same time?
8) Why is it sometimes better to use credit cards than home equity loans?
9) Why do you say that people should never cut up their credit cards?
10) Why do you suggest that people consider financing their next car using credit cards instead of dealer financing or bank loans?
11) Why do people let themselves get into this debt mess in the first place?
12) Why do you say to cut up your DEBIT Card? (Credit vs. Debit)
13) Why do you have 40 credit cards? (Was up to 80 at one point!)
14) Why do you say there is no such thing as "good debt" or "bad debt"?
15) What are the three things must you do to get out of debt?
16) How can opening new credit card accounts increase your credit score?
17) How much credit does the average person need?
18) What credit cards are the best? Do you recommend any specific cards?
19) How did you make $1,800.00 using the credit card banks money!
20) How did you get $1,700 cash by remodeling your kitchen?
21) How is that you, and your family (of 5), have gone to the movies, popcorn and all, for free since the release of the last Star Wars?
22) Who's responsible for debt problems: banks or credit card users?
23) How do you protect yourself from identity theft?
24) When should you refinance your mortgage?
25) How can a 5.9% credit offer end up really costing 11.9%?
26) How do you re-establish your credit?
27) Does credit repair work?

Questions about the book Talk Your Way Out of Credit Card Debt
1) Can you really talk/schmooze your way out of credit card debt?
2) Why would banks be willing to negotiate with you?
3) What exactly do you have to say to the banks to get them to lower your interest rate or waive fees?
4) In a nutshell -- give us the bullet points on how you talk down a credit card company rep?
5) What line works a majority of the time?
6) What's the worst thing to say on the phone to a credit card company rep?
7) Are the calls in the book real?
8) Why did you start recording the banks?
9) Isnít it a lot of work to call?
10) How much can the average person actually save by just using their mouth? (How much have you saved?)
11) How do you know how much you saved?
12) Can anyone call?
13) What's a realistic expectation in terms of talking down fees or rates?
14) What happens if the bank doesnít give you a better deal?
15) Tell me about your special offer for your latest book.
16) Can you negotiate when the bank calls you first?
17) You say not to cut up your credit cards. So why should I keep a credit card that Iíve paid off when I have other credit cards?
18) How do you punish the banks?
19) What do you do if you donít have a great credit history? Can you get them to lower the rate?
20) Whatís your goal with this book?
21) What if you can't get the banks to lower your rate?


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