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Tuesday, May 21, 2024   

Mary Hunt's review of "Credit Card and Debt Management"
by Mary Hunt
Mary Hunt is a national columnist and author Mary Hunt's Debt-Proof Living and Cheapskate Monthly
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Mary Hunt

“I've located a dandy system for calculating the time remaining on a loan (complete with all of the hard stuff already worked out in user-friendly tables) in a book: Credit Card and Debt Management by Scott Bilker. Check with your library and if they haven't already ordered it, suggest they need this resource.

I must admit that math is just about my least favorite subject (second only to root canal surgery without the benefit of anesthesia) and even thinking about equations and formulas makes me break out in a rash. 

So you can be sure that if I recommend it, this book contains easy-to-understand and has fairly painless instructions for everything having to do with credit-card debt—including how to figure the time remaining on a loan.”



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