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Sunday, May 26, 2024   

Fearless Books review of "Talk Your Way Out of Credit Card Debt"
by D. Patrick Miller
Editor and publisher at Fearless Books
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Despite the exhortations of finance counselors everywhere, substantial credit card debt is a fact of life for millions of people. And for some micro-businesses, it is the most viable form of continuous financing. There is lots of advice out there about consolidating your debts, avoiding frivolous expenditures and so on, but a dearth of seasoned expertise on direct guerrilla tactics—that is, how to call up banks and card issuers and get them to back down your interest rates and back off from their most aggressive penalties and greedy policies. 

In this informative and often entertaining manual, Scott Bilker tells credit card holders how to really take charge of their debt situation by showing exactly how he does it for himself and his friends. Each chapter briefly introduces a topic like “Lowering Your Interest Rate” or “Disputes, Chargebacks, and Errors” before providing transcripts of actual phone calls that Bilker made to various bank officers to strike dollar-saving blows for the common man. 

Besides disguising the names of the guilty (banks are renamed after dog breeds, and bank officers after insects), Bilker presents an audio-verité guide to saving money and regaining a real sense of control of your finances. 

For anyone who thinks such calls would probably be a waste of time, Bilker calculates exactly how much he saved per hour in his efforts (assuming minimum payback schedules), and his results range as high as $74,000 (almost the hourly pay of major bank CEOs!). With a note-taking guide and calculation tables provided in the back of the book, you can accurately gauge the success of your own guerrilla negotiations.



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