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"Scott was a great guest & a great interview...I am looking forward to having him back on the show. The interview was EXCELLENT--definitely a hit with Mike and me. We are definitely interested in having Scott be a recurring guest. He was so well-informed--he really gave our callers some great advice. We had people on hold who were waiting to talk with him when he went off air! It was a great show--thanks so much!"
—Anna Cohen, Producer, The Mike Show, Business Talk Radio

“Scott, you're an informative and intelligent guest…thank you for your recent participation on our radio talk show 'Krusher Late N Live.' We all had a wonderful time. We all had a sense of having learned a great deal. In financial terms that we all understand. Truly a gem to find as a guest. Scott, Thank You again!”
—Robyn J., WSMN1590am, Nashua, NH

"I heard a portion of your interview this morning on WWNR/Beckley and when it came to savings on biweekly mortgage I said 'I do not want to hear the false theory on how much money you can save.' You hit the nail on the head, which I have been telling people for 10 years, that one is merely increasing their payment on an annual basis. I have been amazed, how some many somewhat astute people, can not understand the math of multiplying X $ times 26 being more than X $ times 12 resulting in higher mortgage payment equating to lower interest costs. You have a friend in W Va and I will obtain book and/or e-mail newsletter. PS Many things in life are made difficult by the intellectual when simple answers are better understood by the consumer and can solve the majority of the issues."—Charles Houck

“Great interview...our news director turned it into a news story to be used for the rest of the day...thanks for doing the show.”
—Chris Holmes, host of R&R in the Morning on KITN radio, Worthington, MN

“You were very down to earth and easy to work with. Some guests get so wound up in talking they forget to let us get on with new questions, but such was not the case with you. You cut straight to the point, and used language that the standard citizen can understand. I think any person listening would have benefited from your advice.”
—Natalie Nicole Gilbert, WQFL radio, Rockford, IL

“I got your column. It's very good. It's rare that a writer figures out how to write so normal people can comprehend it.”
—Debbie Estevez, Managing Editor, The Albany Journal 

“Very good, very informative book, a great book to go through your debt A to Z to help yourself get out of debt before you need to see a lawyer...Credit Card and Debt Management, it's a great book on everything that has to do with charge cards from credit card and debt management to choosing a charge card to fees—everything!

But what's interesting, what popped out to me, is that your book gave me all the information that I was never able to find.”

James J. Burns, C.F.P. (Certified Financial Planner) host of The Extra Help Channel's In the Money

“We've discussed this (credit cards and debt) before on It's Your Money, and in the many articles and publications that come across my desk, I found one that I thought was particularly appropriate for us to discuss. The name of the book is Credit Card and Debt Management. The author is Scott Bilker. And Scott Bilker has put together a book that not only explains the problems that you can get into but with all kinds of charts and graphs that you can easily fill out. You can work your way out of debt following the instructions carefully laid out by Scott Bilker. This is a $19.95 value friends and let me tell you something, that is not a very high price for the terrific guidance you're going to get from this book. I'm plugging this book…because I think it can help thousands upon thousands, if not millions, of people who are up to their eyeballs in debt and need some guidance in how to get out of it.”

—Dr. Bill Bailey, host of Talk America Radio's It's Your Money, heard nationally on more than 360 radio stations and on the Internet.

Credit Card and Debt Management by Scott Bilker...it's smart, it's got everything you need to know, you're going to save yourself from all kinds of aggravation and trouble. It's all lined up, it is easy to read, there are a million angles, and they're all for real, you won't have any trouble with it except you'll probably not have any trouble with credit or with debts.”

—Dorie Lenz, host of WPHL-TV's (WB 17) Community Close Up

“Scott, I would like to thank you very much for sharing with us today. As I've looked through your book, it looks like it's easy enough to follow. The workbook pages are clear and concise, and I would wish you great success in helping people to be able to become more disciplined; be able to handle their debt a little bit more accountably and accordingly.”
—Kathy Scott, Host of KGDC AM Live, KGDC radio, Walla Walla, WA


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