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February 21, 2007: Issue #144

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" It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom."--Aristotle
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Publisher: Scott Bilker
Editor: Larissa S. Bilker
Assistant Editor: Denise Troy

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Medical Bills to Blame

According to a recent study by Demos and the Access Project, 29 percent of low and middle-income households with credit card debt had medical bills to blame. These households carried an average $11,623 debt, compared with $7,964 for those without medical debt.
Read more credit card and debt statistics

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Letter from the Publisher
by Scott Bilker


Well, I knew they would figure it out! There's a loophole in the do-not-call list!

I have been receiving calls from telemarketers saying that I filled out something online and they're "getting back to me." Curious; I know I did not fill anything out.

Could this be an error?


I see only two possible solutions:

   1) The companies are being sold bad leads.

   2) This is a made up ploy for avoiding the do-not-call list.

You see, once you register your phone number on the list, telemarketers cannot call you unless you initiate the communication (or you're an existing customer).

Of course, politicians are exempt from this law--hey, they made the laws--that's why!

Anyway, me thinks that companies are using this "sorry for the error" excuse to get around the new rules. Pretty tricky--but we're onto them!

PS: Go to the National Do Not Call Registry to get your phones liberated from most annoying calls.

What should I do with my money now?
by Scott Bilker

Dear Scott,

A few months ago, I purchased your books and started reading your newsletter. It has really helped me to get a grip on paying off my debt. Thank you!

Now, I have a big question for you. Through the sale of my previous house, I will soon have just enough money left over ($100,000) to pay off ALL of my loans and credit card debt. I have a good income and look forward to getting into another home as soon as I can. I don't have much other savings to tap for a down payment, but don't mind doing 100 percent financing.

Question: Is it a good idea to pay off ALL of my debt? Or should I, perhaps, keep some on the accounts? Or what? This is my big chance to get financially secure, and I don't want to blow it. Your advice has always helped me in the past, so I really wanted to ask you what you think.

Thank you,

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"That's $107.00 a month saving for 4 months!"

"Your books arrived and I didn't even get to read them all before I called my first credit card company. I just briefly glanced at the variety of scripts under calling credit card companies and then I called. I mentioned to the first operator that I received an offer for 5.9% and that I would like to have my interest rate lowered. She came back with 'the only special I have right now is 0% for 4 months.' I said, 'I'll take it.' That's $107.00 a month saving for 4 months!

My second call I was transferred to the 'Account Specialist' (it helped knowing from the scripts in your book this could happen!). This gentleman was a very fast, smooth talker. I told him about the 5.9% offer and he came back with yes I paid promptly, on time, but I hadn't used the account often enough so I only got 2 out of 3--not enough to get the interest lowered. He did offer to reimburse the annual fee of $49.00, which I did take. He said I would now be included for upcoming special offers. Not bad for a 1/2 hours work!

Thanks Scott. I look forward to reading the rest of the books for more great ideas."

—Judy Davidson, Ontario

Read about special offer for all three of Scott Bilker's best-selling books

The Three Little Pigs: Your Child and Money
by Scott Danger

As a first-time parent, I wonder how I will handle many things. Lately, I've been thinking about how and when I will introduce my daughter to the concepts of money and saving and spending. I then realized that I have probably already started this process. While I'm sure she does not understand the concept of money, I know she knows what a grocery store is. I know she knows that we take things from the shelf and put them in our cart.

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Household Math™: Minimum Payment
by Scott Bilker

Mary has a balance on her credit cards of $10,000.00. The interest rate on that debt is 9.99% APR. Her bank has a minimum payment policy of 2% of the balance or $15 (whichever is greater). If Mary makes minimum payments to this credit card, how long will it take her to repay the debt entirely?

Answer this problem

Stop Debt Collectors Cold!
Stop Debt Collectors Cold! Plus, for a limited time, 4 bonus reports:
  --> How to Get Collection Accounts Off Your Credit Report
  --> How to Avoid Losing Your Home In A Foreclosure
  --> What to Do if You Are Behind on Your Car Payments
  --> Confidential Interview With A Former Debt Collector

Read about stopping debt collectors

Kicking the Worry Habit
by Michael Angier

I grew up on a Vermont farm. After college, I bought a farm of my own and operated it for several years. You might be interested to know that I learned the secret to making a small fortune in farming. It's kind of inside information, and I don't pass it around to just anybody. Ready? Here it is: start out with a large one, and sooner or later, you'll have a small one.

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More credit, more options!

Credit options are your weapon against the banks! The key to success is using your credit lines to save money--not to go crazy spending!

The Credit Repair Kit plus bonus CD!
by Joe Sainz

What do you think of when you hear the words "credit repair"? I think of scam! That's because many companies have made promises to "fix" people's credit but then simply stole their money. However, there are still reputable sources for people to learn how to straighten out their credit reports.

Your credit report is your financial résumé and everyone, from lenders to insurance agents, reviews it. It's vital that there are no mistakes shown, and if there are, that they're removed!

There are many books on the subject, but my personal favorite is The Credit Repair Kit. That's because Joe Sainz offers great practical advice for correcting errors. Plus, he includes a Credit Booster CD-ROM with the book!

If you're having trouble getting the rates you deserve because of your credit report, then you must read this book!

Read more about The Credit Repair Kit plus bonus CD...

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