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November 16, 2005

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Letter from the Publisher
by Scott Bilker


Thanks for the feedback about the new website and email newsletter format! The majority of people like everything about the new design. Please know that I care deeply about your comments and will do my best to implement your suggestions.

This issue contains four new features--three written by me, and one motivational article by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler. Another addition to the newsletter is a cool statistic (Credit Card and Debt Statistic). Both the quote and statistic are located on the right column.

Now that the website is somewhat easier to manage from a technical standpoint, I’ll be able to add content quickly. Also, in the near future, I will launch a few new video presentations.

Please tell your friends about DebtSmart.com! Forward them an email right now and suggest that they try the free email newsletter--thanks!


Balance transfer game
by Scott Bilker

Dear Scott,

I have learned a great deal even from just a few visits to your site and my husband has as well! Our problem: We are both sole proprietors of our own businesses and have ridden the freelance rollercoaster for a combined 30 years.

I am slowly working away at debt I accumulated when I was in massage school. My husband, however, has not always been so good at opening his mail, paying his bills on time, and in the last 4 years since 9/11, frequently was simply unable to pay certain bills. I am in the process of cleaning up this mess, as I've taken over the money management.

He gets offers for 0 percent intro rates frequently, but they have horrible default rates. I just found a decent one and he called to apply over the phone and they rejected him. His finance charges are so high (close to $900 per month!) that if we could transfer a few balances to a 0 percent card, we'd pay off one big balance in a year. BUT--they keep rejecting him after tempting him with these offers. What gives? How do we get out of the pit here? I am ordering your book right now, but do you have any words of encouragement?

Thank you for what you are doing!!


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“Awesome results with your book!”

“It took me 7 minutes to settle a 4,374.81 debt at 50% with Wells Fargo Financial. Piece of Cake--with your book, of course! Thank you! My husband has leukemia and had to have a bone marrow transplant, we traveled out of state for the transplant and are both not working. You are directly helping us get our lives back on track, be proud!"


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Household Math™: Car per hour
by Scott Bilker

Janice has finally received her driver’s license! She’s a happy camper! Now it’s time to get the car and go places with her friends. She’s pretty smart about money and knows that she’s going to need a decent job to support the car. She only has time to work 20 hours each week. She estimates that the car financing will cost $300 per month, gas $25 per week, auto insurance at $600 semiannually, and repairs and maintenance at $350 per year. How much per hour must she net just to pay for the car?

Answer this problem

Problems with balance transfers
by Scott Bilker

Hi Scott,

I have gone through the trouble the past few months to get a permanent, lower-interest credit card and also to get a promotional rate on the new card to transfer balances ($5,000 to $12,000). I go through the whole process and get approved for $1,000. I cancel the card immediately, because it's just not worth it. I canceled a card with $29,000 credit earlier in the year because I didn't want to support the company.

What might be the problem?


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DebtSmart® Help Center
by Scott Bilker


Helping you with your debt is very important to me personally! If you've been reading my articles, you know that I always encourage self-help as a first step. However, being buried in debt can be very overwhelming, which is why you may want to explore other options.

One of those options is professional, ongoing help with credit counselors. I've started to personally check out certain companies so I can recommend the ones that are worth considering!

If you would like to speak with a representative from a...

Read more at the DebtSmart Help Center

Money books for kids
by Scott Bilker

Educating your children about money is one of the smartest, and most rewarding, financial plan for any family. It is in our childhood that we are conditioned to have emotions related to money. Many of these emotions, like fear of not having enough money, or having too much money, are not based in reality. These feelings can hold you back later in life so it’s important to have an understanding about money from as early an age as possible.

Many DebtSmart.com readers have written in asking for my recommendation for books for their children. They’re looking for good books that will teach their kids about money: how to save, how to budget, and how to understand finances.

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9 Steps to Unshakeable Confidence
by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler

What is confidence? According to Webster's dictionary, it's “having no uncertainty about one's abilities.”

Have you ever wondered why some people seem totally self-confident, while others are in almost total lack?

Actually - no one is born confident. Confidence is built through life experience, and especially the feedback you receive as a youngster about your experiences. If you receive (and collect) a lifetime of negative beliefs about your own abilities, then you will have low self-confidence.

It’s true that some people are naturally extroverted--naturally bold and outgoing. Others seem to be more naturally introverted, and tend to be more cautious in life.

But the fact is...extroverts are not always self-confident, and introverts do not necessarily lack confidence. Both extroverts and introverts can have unwavering certainty about their own abilities ­ the most basic sign of confidence.

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The author(s), Press One Publishing, and DebtSmart.com shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in this email newsletter and/or at the DebtSmart.com web site. The information, methods and techniques described may not work for you and no recommendation is made to follow the same course of action. Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of all content contained herein. However, there may be mistakes; typographical, mathematical, or in content. This email newsletter and the DebtSmart.com web site have been created for your entertainment only. You must always seek the proper professional advice before taking any financial or legal action. You have been warned.

Copyright ©2005 Press One Publishing. All rights reserved. Please do not reprint, or host on your web site, without explicit permission. However, if you found this newsletter helpful, we grant you permission, and strongly encourage you, to e-mail it to a business associate or a friend. Thank you.


" Live every day with an attitude of gratitude.”
—Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church

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Credit and Debt Statistics

A Consumer Action survey finds bank penalty rates as high as 35%! According to the survey, card issuers raised rates if any of the following occurred; the number is the percentage of banks using such a trigger.
 90.48%: Credit score gets worse
 85.71%: Paying mortgage, car loan or other creditor late
 57.14%: Going over credit limit
 52.38%: Bouncing a payment check
 42.86%: Too much debt
 33.33%: Too much available credit
 33.33%: Getting a new credit card
 23.81%: Inquiring about a car loan or mortgage
Credit and Debt Statistics Database
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How to save money on your phone service within minutes!
by Scott Bilker
You will save money using this service. I've been using it for a few months now, and it has worked perfectly for me! 1.9 cents per minute plus free minutes for signing up! I signed up for $25 and got the free minutes. So the total time I received was 1,578 minutes! That's 1.58 cents per minute!

Read more about phone savings


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More credit, more options
by Scott Bilker

Credit options are your weapon against the banks! The key to success is using your credit lines to save money--not to go crazy spending! (I know you won't go crazy spending because you're DebtSmart, but I had to mention that anyway.)

I've found a few more good credit deals that I want to bring to your attention. If you have high-rate debt, then you should apply online now and transfer your balances to some of these cards. (Or search through the entire list.)

Pulaski Bank Visa®/MasterCard®
Intro Rate: 0.00%
Time Period: 6 Months
APR: 7.99%

Citi® Platinum Select® Card
Intro Rate: 0.00%
Time Period: Up to 12 Months
APR: As low as 8.49%

Chase Platinum Visa®
Intro Rate: 0.00%
Time Period: 12 Months
APR: 10.74%

Free Cash Rewards Platinum Visa® Card
Intro Rate: 0.00%
Time Period: 12 Months
APR: 11.49%

Search complete list of credit cards

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