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Email Newsletter 1/2/02

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January 2, 2002 Issue 16
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Letter from the Publisher
by Scott Bilker

Thank you for responding to the last survey about New Years Resolutions! My article this week talks about how much I learned from you through that survey.

If you're in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, or parts of New York, you can catch my next television appearance. I'll be on Real Life, with Mary Amoroso, CN8, 6:00 PM ET, tomorrow (January 3, 2002). Scheduled topics will include holiday debts and refinancing.

Also, I must apologize to many of you because of the technical problems we had last email newsletter. Some people received seven email newsletters--ugh! Everything seems to be resolved.

So how did everyone do with that Credit Repair Quiz? Here are the results:

1) Average score: 55%
2) Toughest question is #2 with 19% correctly answering: "How long can negative information stay on your credit report?" This was a tricky question because different types of information can be reported for various time periods.
3) Easiest question is #2 with 82% correctly answering: "A credit repair organization must disclose..." the payment terms for services, including their total cost, a detailed description of the services to be performed, and how long it will take to achieve the results.

Your comments about DebtSmart and the Email Newsletter are always a treasured gift--thank you! I want share a few of the most recent ones that I have received:

"Very informative."

"I love the newsletter and all the different suggestions on decreasing debt. I do not have a lot of debt, I used to be worse and since then I have always been interested in different ways of spending and saving money." --Sabrina

"Get good ideas and lots of motivation from it." --Judi

"Good job! Keep it up!" --Kim

"I have gained so much knowledge from the newsletter. It is hard to put into words, the thanks and appreciation I feel, taking the time to educate the public about debt. Keep up the good work and one day the subscribers will be debt free." --Diane

"Great." --Carol

"I find helpful and informative information in the newsletter. Thank you."

"I am continually grateful that you have such drive and dedication and creativity. You and your staff are providing a wonderful service to the American people." --Barbara

"I love it and I thank you for producing it. One of my favorites." --Terri

"Thank you...and Happy holidays to you and your family."

"I enjoy this newsletter a lot, it helps me feel like I am at least trying to become as informed as possible...when I do make a major purchase I know all I should about interest rates and my credit report, payments, etc....and PROUD to say I have not used a major credit card in year! Thanks from this ever-learning single woman." --Linda

"I like it!" --Sherri

"Great newsletter for me personally and for low income families that I work with to help them to become self sufficient!" --Susie

"Wonderful newsletter. Look forward to each edition." --Emma

Survey: Credit Offers

How many credit offers did you receive in the mail today? It's the start of the New Year and the credit card banks are getting ready to steal your business from each other. We are going to benefit from this competition!

Use the below link to take the Survey:

New Years Resolutions for 2002
by Scott Bilker

I didn't realize how much I was going to learn, personally, when I asked you all for your New Year's resolutions. I thank you for giving me so much to think about this year. I will be adding many of your resolutions to my own.

First off, 84% of us are making New Year's resolutions, but only 28% say they usually follow through. I know myself that if I set out to accomplish a goal and run into a few obstacles that there is a chance I may throw in the towel.

When this happens, when challenges arise and you seem to stop working toward your goal just remember that it's not over. You haven't failed. You can only fail if you quit!

If you find that you've stopped pursuing your goal--don't give up! Simply start right back like you've never stopped. Every step you take toward your goal gets you closer.

The Chinese "Tao Te Ching" says, People fail when they are on the verge of success. A tree as big around as a person's embrace begins with a small shoot; a terrace nine stories high begins with a pile of earth; a journey of a thousand miles starts under one's feet therefore, put as much care into the end as into the beginning and there will be no failure."

When I wanted to stop smoking my goal was to go as long as I could without having the next cigarette--not to quit. So far it's been six years.

There were other times that I though that I quit. I once went nearly one year without having a cigarette, but then one day I caved and had one. After that I figured that since I had one it's over, and I went right back to smoking.

Before my last cigarette six years ago I started to slow down by seeing how long I could go without smoking and not beating myself up when I did smoke.

If I was able to not smoke for five hours then I was successful because it was a few cigarettes less that day and I was moving toward my goal. Instead of getting upset about the one cigarette that I had when I felt weak, I focused on the success from the hundreds I had not smoked.

It took two years before I stopped thinking about smoking every single day! Finally, I can say "no" to smoking without feeling like I'm missing it, but that doesn't mean I've quit. I can never let my guard down, I must always work on this goal.

It's the same with your debt. You can always start paying on time, getting organized, and find the best credit deals. Just start today and you will find success!

The resolutions everyone submitted seem to fit into different categories. Each of the resolutions discussed below is a grouping of many submitted by DebtSmart Readers.

FINANCIAL RESOLUTIONS (My personal favorite.)

Resolution: "Equip my children to be frugal and conscientious."

Comments: This is on my list also. I need to get my kids interested in learning about money, understanding its value, and teach them how to track income and spending.

Resolution: "Follow a budget, stick to my budget at least 90% of the time, use my calendar to plan for one-time expenses (e.g., car insurance, license renewal, etc.), and take better care of my finances (what little I have)."

Comments: The best method to control where the money is going is to use a budget. Figure out how much you're spending in each category and decide if that amount needs to be adjusted.

Resolution: "Get out of debt, start to get out of debt, pay down credit cards, pay down existing debt, pay off debts, no additional debt, pay cash (instead of credit cards), to lower debt by $2500 by December 2002, and reduce credit card debt."

Comments: This is what DebtSmart is all about. The good news is that it can be done and the bad news for the banks is that they're not going to gouge the life out of DebtSmart readers!

Resolution: "Make more money, save money, put away for my baby's college fund, and find a better job."

Comments: There are two major components to reducing debt: (1) lowering the cost of existing debts and (2) getting more money to pay off debts. Once you start to look for ways to earn extra money you'll begin to see that the list of options is larger than you originally thought. Look online! Start a business, sell your stuff at online auctions, look for a higher paying job, etc. We'll be covering all these topics in greater detail in future articles. If you already have a great way to earn extra money please let us know so we can let all DebtSmart readers in on your success secrets.



Resolution: "Be thankful everyday."

Comments: That's for sure! The way I see it...

Use the below link to read the rest of the article:

Sorting Your Money
by Terry Rigg

For anyone that is familiar with The Complete Budget and Bill Organizer, you already know that I recommend that you use your checking account to pay bills and cash to cover your household expenses.

With all of the different items that the average individual or family spends money on, it can be difficult to keep it separated. You have to have money for groceries, car gas, school lunches, dining out and entertainment just to name a few.

You could...

Use the below link to read the rest of the article:

Clean Out the Yuck in Your Life!
by Michael Angier

RECENTLY, ONE OF MY CHILDREN was caught in a lie. As part of his punishment for breaking our family rule of honesty, he was asked to write a report on why lying didn't support who he was and who he wanted to be.

My son wrote a good report outlining the importance of telling the truth. As an example, he used the trouble Bill Clinton had gotten himself and the nation into by his admitted deceptions. He wrote about how lying destroyed the trust that's so critical in any important relationship.

After reading it, however, it seemed to me that...

Use the below link to read the rest of the article:

Planning for Success In The New Year
by Doris Dobkins

The New Year has just begun. Where has the time flown? Think for a moment about last year and your finances.

What are your regrets for the past 12 months? What would you have done differently? What would you have not purchased that you did? Why? How much do you wish you had saved? What debt do you wish you had paid off that you didn't?

The small financial decisions we make every day can have a huge impact on our circumstances a month from now, six months from now or even 1 year from now.

If you...

Use the below link to read the rest of the article:

New Year's Resolution . . . Save More Money 
by Gregory Thomas

Are you planning on a "New Year's Resolution" to start saving more money in 2002?

Like any resolution, unless some action is taken on your part, nothing will ever change.

For example, if your New Year's resolution is to lose weight, you WILL have to change a few eating habits and/or exercise regularly. If your goal is to quit smoking, then you WILL need to make an honest effort to stop smoking.

Key To Your Success ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The key to making your resolution become a reality is to...

Use the below link to read the rest of the article:


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