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Sunday, January 29, 2023   

How To Telecommute Successfully
by Kelly Land
Kelly Land is the owner-publisher of the award-winning work at home resource site: MoneyMakingMommy.com. The site has been featured in national women's magazines and in local newspapers
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Kelly Land

Telecommuting is becoming more and more popular these days. Why? Because our technology enables us to do almost anything from a home office. Virtual meetings can be held via the Internet with a web camera and finished work can be sent by e-mail. We waste a lot of time and energy just getting to and from work. How many hours have you wasted in grid locked traffic or waiting for a late bus, car-pooler or train? Telecommuters are generally more productive, provided you don't let distractions get in your way! So how do you get the boss to let you telecommute?

Before you barge into his office and shout "I want to telecommute!" have a well thought out game plan. Here are a few suggestions to persuade the unconvinced employer: Come up with a persuasive and convincing letter why you should telecommute. If you need help in writing one Telecommute America has many facts and stats for you to look over. As a mother the issue of childcare may arise, your boss wants to be sure you won't be distracted continually throughout your workday.

Convince your employer that alternative childcare is arranged. Don't get into lengthy details. Just reassure your boss that you won't be distracted. Offer a proposal he/she can't refuse. Ask to telecommute once a week on a trial basis for thirty days. Prove your abilities by showing that you can do just as well from home as you can from the office. It is rare that you will be able to work your entire workweek from home. Be prepared for this and offer to telecommute 2-3 days if possible. If your employer sees the advantages and you work well he/she might just allow it on a full time basis!

Telecommuting is a viable and wonderful opportunity for women. More time is spent with your family instead of sitting on the freeway in traffic. Telecommuting is not for everyone; some women thrive on the interaction they get from the office. Remember you will be somewhat isolated when working this way. Temptation will also rear its ugly head! I had to force myself not to turn on Oprah everyday and miss out on a good hour of hard work, my lunch breaks stretched into cleaning the house and paying the bills. Kids are also another very real distraction.

Be sure to arrange childcare or work in the evenings when dad can watch them. So why do I telecommute? For the obvious I suppose. More time with my children and spouse. I am also less tired, much happier and I enjoy the work I do. But most of all telecommuting gives me a little more freedom to be a better wife and mother. Something that is more valuable then gold!



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