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Tawara Kellam Kellam, Tawara
Tawra Kellam is the editor of LivingOnADime.com. Tawra and her husband paid off $20,000 debt in 5 years on $22,000 a year income.
Ajeet Khurana Khurana, Ajeet
Ajeet Khurana runs his website at Human-Search-Engine.com.
Mike Killian Killian, Mike
Mike Killian has been writing about credit and debt management issues that are of importance to consumers for over 8 years. He formerly served as the Guide to About's credit site, which was recognized by Forbes Magazine's "Best of the Web" for 5 of the last 6 years, and is currently a reporter for CardRatings.com. Mike has also offered debt elimination seminars to businesses and community colleges for many years. Mike offers free consumer advice on the CardRatings.com Credit Forum as well as on his own site, FreeMoneyTraining.com. While at his site, you can view additional articles as well as his schedule of upcoming seminars.
Craig Kimmel Kimmel, Craig
Ask Craig your question! Craig Thor Kimmel is a nationally recognized automotive consumer advocate and managing partner of Kimmel & Silverman, P.C., the nation's largest lemon law firm. For more information on automotive consumer issues, visit http://www.lemonlaw.com
Dan Klatt Klatt, Dan
Dan Klatt created the Inner Wealth Mastery Program through http://tinyurl.com/fjfd . By subscribing for freee through that link to The Abundant Mind ezine, you can join him by phone live on July 8 when mind-control expert Mark Joyner will reprogram the limited number of callers for wealth. Subscribers also receive 6 FREE GIFTS including the Money Beliefs Quiz and "The Power of 57 Cents."
Iwona Kurecka Kurecka, Iwona
Iwona Kurecka is an Economist and economic issues Interpreter. Lover of travels and adventures, as well as of receiving the highest available quality for the lowest possible price. Stretches money around Europe and passionately helps others to do the same. Does not like indebtedness and avoids it by successful control of incomes and outcomes. If you need some professional advice, she recommends visiting http://www.debthell.co.uk.
Kelly Land Land, Kelly
Kelly Land is the owner-publisher of the award-winning work at home resource site: MoneyMakingMommy.com. The site has been featured in national women's magazines and in local newspapers
Paula Langguth Ryan Langguth Ryan, Paula
Contemporary Prosperity Advisor Paula Langguth Ryan is dedicated to helping you heal your relationship with money by helping you change the way you think and feel about prosperity and abundance. To learn more about her innovative prosperity teachings, visit her website at www.artofabundance.com or call 800-507-9244.
Matt Lauer Lauer, Matt
Matt Lauer has been co-anchor of NBC News’ Today since January 6, 1997. He joined Today in January 1994 as news anchor. From September 1992 to September 1996, Lauer was at WNBC-TV, the NBC Television Station in New York. There he served as a co-anchor of the early morning newscast Today in New York from September 1992 until September 1994, and as a co-anchor of the early evening newscast News Channel 4/Live at Five from August 1993 until September 1996. He began substituting on Today as a news anchor in early 1993 before becoming the permanent news anchor in 1994.
Lawyers.com (www.lawyers.com), published by Martindale-Hubbell, provides consumers and small businesses access to a free database of more than 440,000 attorneys and law firms nationwide. The Martindale-Hubbell Legal Network is the number-one resource for information about the worldwide legal profession, and is consulted daily by lawyers, business executives and consumers. With more than 3 million searches per month, this unrivaled network connects lawyers and law firms with their clients and potential clients, facilitates communication between members of the legal profession, and makes available a wide range of biographical information and professional credentials regarding attorneys in private, corporate and government practice. It is powered by a database of more than 1 million lawyers and law firms around the world.
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