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Car Debt or Credit Debt First? Car Debt or Credit Debt First?
by Scott Bilker
Does it make sense to start increasing my payments on this loan? Isn't it fixed what I will pay on the loan? If this is the case shouldn't I start paying on the next highest interest debt (another credit card) instead? Thanks for any help!
No Money Down No Money Down
by Gary Foreman
I see a guy on TV all the time. He says that you can buy a home with no money down and then come from closing with money in your pocket. Supposedly people buy homes and make millions a year. Do you know about this? How this could be done? Is it worth the 3 payments of $59.99? Or is it a scam?
Buy a Car with a Cash Advance? Buy a Car with a Cash Advance?
by Scott Bilker
The logic of the 4.9% at 6 Months makes sense, BUT is it a reality?
Debt Reduction vs. Mortgage Down Payment Debt Reduction vs. Mortgage Down Payment
by Scott Bilker
My husband and I are in debt for about 28k and have recently sold our home. We are looking to buy a more expensive house in a better neighborhood and school district for our two kids to start school in. I am currently working a lot of overtime, but am not sure if I should try to payoff some of the debt or save for a down payment.
Paying Off a Loan with Credit Cards Paying Off a Loan with Credit Cards
by Scott Bilker
I have a home eq. loan for 10 years at 8.50% for $26,000.00. Could I pay this down with credit cards using $500.00 a month payments?
Extending a Low Rate Extending a Low Rate
by Scott Bilker
I knew I would now be making less money to pay off the debts incurred but never realized how difficult it would be. I am now paying the minimum required and know that I will never get out of it this way. Any suggestions? Have moved most debt to lower rate cards, but the time on those is running out. Can I request that my rate remain the same since I make my payments on time?
Life After Credit Counseling Life After Credit Counseling
by Scott Bilker
I am currently going through credit counseling to erase a $4,000 debt on 3 cards. I have recently returned to full-time work after completing school and want to know what course I should follow while I pay off my debt to put myself in good standing with future creditors.
Make Them Compete Make Them Compete
by Scott Bilker
How do you lower the interest rate charged to something more reasonable???
Annual Fees Annual Fees
by Scott Bilker
Is it true that when you get a credit card offer that has a annual fee, it's not a good credit card?
Negotiating a Payoff Negotiating a Payoff
by Scott Bilker
I was told that I could call my older credit card banks, and "negotiate" a payoff of the account if I close the account. Is this true, and if so how will it impact my credit rating?
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