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Fighting an Increasing Rate Fighting an Increasing Rate
by Scott Bilker
I received a notice with one of my invoices that they would be increasing the rate to 20% and that I basically didn't have a choice in the matter.
MBNA reduced my limit for no reason! MBNA reduced my limit for no reason!
by Scott Bilker
A manager got on the line and proceeded to ask me if some questions to verify the credit limit. He then told me that he was reducing my credit limit based on the amount of outstanding credit my husband had. I told him that I was not interested in the balance transfer after all because he decided to reduce my credit limit just like that.
Just Say 'No' Just Say 'No'
by Gary Foreman
Many of us are old enough to remember Nancy Reagan's campaign against drugs. To this day I can still remember the slogan: just say 'no' to drugs. It clearly explained the goal with a simple to understand message. Saying 'no' could help you avoid pain and make your life better.
New or used car? New or used car?
by Gary Foreman
Gary, My partner and I are planning on purchasing a car. He would like a station wagon and wants to buy it second-hand. I prefer a brand new car. This is a fairly big purchase for us and I very much would like to know what you think.--Nancy
Affording a First Home Affording a First Home
by Gary Foreman
Gary, Can you help me? My husband and I would like to buy our own home to live in. How do we know if we can afford one or not? Thanks, Donna
Collection Company After a 23-Year Old Debt Collection Company After a 23-Year Old Debt
by Scott Bilker
I received a letter telling me that I owed a debt of $535.73, but, "if I paid $214.00 immediately," they would cancel the debt. I cannot recall owing this debt. It was made, according to the company (I called this AM) in 1980, under my husband's name. I have checked through as many old papers as I have and can't find this debt. When I pay a card off, I always cut it up. I have no cards now, and pay everything by check. Can they collect on a debt this old?
How Much? How Much?
by Gary Foreman
I understand that 25% of my monthly income should be for mortgage, taxes and insurance. How much should I plan for the remainder of my budget? There are two of us in our household. Is there a set formula? Also, if I plan to retire in the next 5 years, should I be carrying a mortgage for the sake of a tax write off?
VW And Audi Need to Put the Pedal to the Metal Regarding Ignition Coils VW And Audi Need to Put the Pedal to the Metal Regarding Ignition Coils
by Craig Kimmel
I have a 2001 Passat and have had to bring the car in three times due to my ignition coils shorting out. My car is still in the shop, as the dealer is waiting for parts. I know the VW had identified this problem, but is there anything I can do?
A Painful Grocery Bill A Painful Grocery Bill
by Gary Foreman
My husband and I live alone. My mom comes over for dinner and breakfast 3 days a week, and I send her lunches for work 2 nights a week. We are spending over $400 a week for groceries. I am not buying extravagant things, and I really don't buy a lot of "junk" food. Where on earth are we going wrong? I see in the Tips section this week, a girl from Oklahoma says that she spent around $130 a month on groceries for herself and her husband?!?! How?! What is she eating? If someone could explain this for me. I feel like we are beyond help.
Advanced Cash-Advance Techniques Advanced Cash-Advance Techniques
by Scott Bilker
I have a 0% interest card and plenty of balance so it seems like a good idea. Problem is the seller is a private party. Obviously I can't use a convenience check or a cash advance or I'll blow the interest strategy. Is there a way to pay a private party so that it appears as a purchase on the card and not an advance? I have checked out PayPal but I'm not sure the seller is Internet active.
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