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How To Identify A Good Auto Loan How To Identify A Good Auto Loan
by Ajeet Khurana
When you plan to buy a car you will first of course go in search for a specific model and later on you may think whether you can afford it. In such times you have to compromise on the model that you like and go for one that you can afford.
My Son's Auto Loan My Son's Auto Loan
by Gary Foreman
Gary, I brought a car under my name for my son. After 4 months of payments now he says he can't afford it. There are 6 years on the car loan. Is there anything that can be done. I can't keep the car. I have a car loan myself. How do I get out of the loan? Donna
Loan Sharks Loan Sharks
by Iwona Kurecka
In the world today, it is not at all unusual to find yourself short of the cash you need to pay your bills, feed your family and maintain a reasonable lifestyle. For every working stiff who runs out of money before they run out of week, there are unfortunately a number of shady characters willing to loan you all the money you need at an exorbitant interest rate. You will have to be careful to avoid these loan sharks when you find yourself in need of quick cash.
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