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Break Through the Mold and Protect Your Rights! Break Through the Mold and Protect Your Rights!
by Craig Kimmel
Dear Craig, Now that the winter is here and I've had to turn on my heater, I've been smelling a strange musty smell coming from my vents. Is this normal or is there cause for concern? My girlfriend thinks I should take it in for service but I don't think that it's serious. Your thoughts?
by Craig Kimmel
Dear Craig: I purchased a new Mazda Protege. Around 32K I noticed a knocking sound in the front axle/wheel base when making right turns. I took the car to the dealership on 5 occasions but the problem was not remedied. An independent Mazda mechanic said that the factory had built a faulty front axle and that Mazda should replace it under the 50K warranty. My trip to the mechanics took me over the 50K mileage. I went back to the dealership (two more occasions) but got stonewalled; they refused to honor the warranty...
Messed Up Car Lease Messed Up Car Lease
by Craig Kimmel
Dear DebtSmart, I have a 2000 Ford Windstar van. I currently owe $20,150.00. My payments are $449 a month. At the time I took on these payments I could handle it, but now I cannot. I have tried to trade the van in on a cheaper vehicle, like a 10,000 or 11,000 vehicle. But the car dealers always come back telling me they can't do it unless I could put 3 or 4 thousand down. I already put 5 thousand down when I bought it! And now they want 3 or 4 more! NO WAY. Any suggestions? --Messed up in Texas
Car Salesmen: Here Come the Vultures! Car Salesmen: Here Come the Vultures!
by Craig Kimmel
Whenever I go shopping for a car, the salesmen are always on top of me like vultures! How do I handle the first contact with these salesman so I don't look like an easy target?
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