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Paying Off a Loan with Credit Cards Paying Off a Loan with Credit Cards
by Scott Bilker
I have a home eq. loan for 10 years at 8.50% for $26,000.00. Could I pay this down with credit cards using $500.00 a month payments?
Life After Credit Counseling Life After Credit Counseling
by Scott Bilker
I am currently going through credit counseling to erase a $4,000 debt on 3 cards. I have recently returned to full-time work after completing school and want to know what course I should follow while I pay off my debt to put myself in good standing with future creditors.
7 Steps For Eliminating Your Debt 7 Steps For Eliminating Your Debt
by Scott Bilker
Many people may say that shedding debt is common sense: "Pay for everything in cash and don't incur any debt." Yeah, sure, easily said when you have a household income of 70 to 80 thousand (and no kids). Obviously the best way to handle your finances is to pay for everything with cash. Not everyone has that luxury.
Every penny counts Every penny counts
by Scott Bilker
How many times have you walked out into the parking lot of a supermarket and spotted a penny on the ground? Plenty of times no doubt. You might bend over to pick one up if you see Lincoln staring at you, but for the most part you just keep walking by.
Payment order counts when saving money on your debt Payment order counts when saving money on your debt
by Scott Bilker
A big myth in credit card and loan repayment is to "start with the smallest debt" and work your way to the largest. The advice that one should "start with the smallest debt" when applying payments should never be used as a rule of thumb.
Establishing Credit Establishing Credit
by Gary Foreman
My 20 year old son will soon need to buy a car but he has no credit...
Credit Surfing Saves You Money Credit Surfing Saves You Money
by Scott Bilker
How much do you really save by transferring balances from one card to another? Is "credit surfing" worth the trouble? Let's take a look at how much you would save...
Payment Order Payment Order
by Scott Bilker
Should I repay the highest interest card off first, or should I repay the lowest interest card off first and transfer the balance from the higher interest card?
Credit Reports Credit Reports
by Scott Bilker
I am paying off 7,500 dollars of debt soon. When should I ask for my credit reports?
Drowning in debt Drowning in debt
by Scott Bilker
I am drowning in debt. I am attempting to figure out a budget that is livable....
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