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Articles about "Family"
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How To Identify A Good Auto Loan How To Identify A Good Auto Loan
by Ajeet Khurana
When you plan to buy a car you will first of course go in search for a specific model and later on you may think whether you can afford it. In such times you have to compromise on the model that you like and go for one that you can afford.
My Son's Auto Loan My Son's Auto Loan
by Gary Foreman
Gary, I brought a car under my name for my son. After 4 months of payments now he says he can't afford it. There are 6 years on the car loan. Is there anything that can be done. I can't keep the car. I have a car loan myself. How do I get out of the loan? Donna
Having a baby means more credit card debt for some Americans Having a baby means more credit card debt for some Americans
by Amy L. Cooper-Arnold
A new baby—such a joyous occasion, and expectant parents often enjoy the process of planning for their arrival. Decorating the nursery, filling the closet with tiny outfits, stocking up on diapers, and test driving strollers are just a few of the things needed to be done before the great event.
Federal Reserve Board Kids Web Page Federal Reserve Board Kids Web Page
by Federal Reserve
The Federal Reserve Board on launched a new kids web page designed to educate middle school students about the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. The new web page is designed in a user-friendly, question-and-answer format to ensure easy navigation and the ability to learn basic information about the Fed.
Adults Living With Parents Adults Living With Parents
by Gary Foreman
Experts estimate that one third of all singles in their 20's still live with their parents. Today I answer a question from a mother who's going under trying to support herself, her minor child, two adult children and a baby. The article looks at both the financial and emotional aspects of the situation. It runs 833 words and is copied below.
America's Love Affair with Credit Card Rewards and Rebates!
by Curtis Arnold
February...the month conjures up images up puppy love, romantic escapes, and red roses. Granted, credit cards are typically not viewed as being very romantic :), but America's "love affair" with credit cards that offer rewards and rebates remains strong.
Cash Advance Pitfalls Cash Advance Pitfalls
by Curtis Arnold
Credit card cash advances can provide consumers with convenient and instant access to "cold cash" in times of financial need, but cash advances should be avoided if at all possible.
Saving for Your Child's Education: Can using a credit card today help you to avoid debt in the future? Saving for Your Child's Education: Can using a credit card today help you to avoid debt in the future?
by Rebecca Lindsey
Here's a news flash: children are expensive. Never mind diapers, food, clothing, computers, MP3 players, trips to the mall, etc. One of the biggest expenses your child(ren) will incur is college tuition. The cost of further education is ever on the rise, and even with scholarships the costs can be staggering.
Winter Family Fun Winter Family Fun
by Shaunna Privratsky
Winter is here. An icy season of snowstorms, miserable wind and dangerous road conditions. Of course, I live in Fargo, North Dakota, the blizzard capitol of the United States.
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