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They Raised My Rate They Raised My Rate
by Scott Bilker
Scott, I called the card issuer last week for some routine issues, and happened to ask what my rate was. It was raised to Prime + 4! The operator said they sent me a notification letter last year, but couldn't tell me why the rate had changed. Any suggestions?--Dean
Cash advance suicide Cash advance suicide
by Scott Bilker
Scott, I have three cards currently all intro 0% wondering if I made a cash advance of say $1,000.00 then immediately took advantage of 0% balance transfer would I still be liable for the 24.99% advance rate as well as the fee even though account was paid off the same day or at least within billing cycle? Matt
0% forever transfer deal--is it for real? 0% forever transfer deal--is it for real?
by Scott Bilker
Scott:I received an offer from Discover for a no fee, balance transfer with 0% APR for life of the unpaid balance, as long as I make a purchase each month after July 2005. Is there a catch here? Thanks for all your help. Sincerely, Mark
Beautiful offer made by CapitalOne to my wife Beautiful offer made by CapitalOne to my wife
by Scott Bilker
Dear Mr. Biker, I would like your advice on this "fantastic" offered made to her by the CapitalOne mentioned above and make sure that they aren't trying to "cheat her out of our hard earned money. Please help me enlighten and educate my wife regarding credit cards. Regards, Oscar
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