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Spendaholic Spendaholic
by Gary Foreman
Gary, I am 22 years old and I live in NYC. I am in some serious debt, which I have turned over to a debt consolidation company. I make a decent amount of money, however, I can't seem to keep it for more than a few hours. I end up spending my entire paycheck within the first day I have it....seriously. I am trying to find a support group in NYC, but am having no luck. I know I have a problem and I can't continue to live like this. --Donna
Credit card balance transfers Credit card balance transfers
by Scott Bilker
Scott, A friend told me that they heard that continually doing balance transfers from one credit card to another can negatively affect my credit rating and that they also heard that there is a limit to how many balance transfers. --Amy
Debt Daredevil Debt Daredevil
by Scott Bilker
Scott, I am new to your web site and find your tips informative. I am however, interested in your opinion of other financial wizards and their money management tactics, such as Suze Orman. She seems to be very conservative in her methods and you seem to be more on the risky side. How would you rate your methods in comparison to theirs? --Sherry
Lost Opportunities Lost Opportunities
by Gary Foreman
Sometimes it's helpful to take a concept out of it's original environment and see how it fits someplace else. Today we're going to examine an economic theory and see how it might apply to our personal lives.
Household Math™: Minimum Payments Household Math™: Minimum Payments
by Scott Bilker
Mary has a balance on her credit cards of $10,000.00. The interest rate on that debt is 9.99% APR. Her bank has a minimum payment policy of 2% of the balance or $15 (whichever is greater). If Mary makes minimum payments to this credit card how long will it take her to repay the debt entirely?
10 Things You Should Know About Credit Cards 10 Things You Should Know About Credit Cards
by Terry Rigg
Maybe these 10 items may answer some questions you have about using credit cards. Make sure to check out the link in #6.
Weekly or monthly payments? Weekly or monthly payments?
by Scott Bilker
Scott, I have a $6,500 signature loan @ 13.5% APR with my credit union. A friend of mine said I should divide my payment over four weeks. Do I save more to pay a lump sum at the beginning of each month; or does it benefit me to pay equal weekly installments?--Brian
Survey Results: Splitting the bill
by Scott Bilker
I'm sure you've all gone out to diner with friends and have been in the situation of splitting the bill. I usually charge it and the other party has given me the cash. Thus giving me a no-fee cash advance on my credit card. However, it was just brought to my attention that the waitress can split the bill using your credit cards.
Circle Magazine review of Circle Magazine review of "Talk Your Way Out of Credit Card Debt"
by Victoria Acroyear
I feel sorry for all of you poor bastards out there crippled with credit card debt, and even sorrier that I never had the opportunity to join you. 
Credit and Marriage Credit and Marriage
by Scott Bilker
Scott, I was 36 when I married. I have excellent credit. However, the man I married went through a messy divorce and his credit is moderate at best. If I apply for credit, such as a new car, am I obligated to list my husband's debts or can I still obtain credit in my own name? --Vicky
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