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Articles about "Credit Card Fees"
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Dental Surgery Funding Dental Surgery Funding
by Scott Bilker
Hi Scott, I need some very expensive dental surgery and work. I was wondering if you could suggest a strategy/strategies to fund this $8,500 expenditure over a two year period interest free. I have an excellent credit score (800+). I know that during the process, I can shop for balance transfer offers; however, I'd prefer to find a card with 0% on purchases for 24 months or do a series of transactions to perform the equivalent. Bob R.
Getting Rid of Annual Fees Getting Rid of Annual Fees
by Scott Bilker
I'd like to get rid of the annual fee, so I tried calling them and asked them to waive it. I used your technique and said that I would cancel it if they did not, and they didn't budge. What do you think? Should I keep the card and pay the $60 per year? Should I cancel the card completely because I don't technically need it? Or should I ask them to give me a new card with no annual fee, which would retain the 28K in available credit, but which would remove my 18 year relationship with that account?
I've been gouged for $99! Are bank charges negotiable? I've been gouged for $99! Are bank charges negotiable?
by Scott Bilker
Hi Scott, This just happened to me in the last few weeks. I spoke to my bank (Bank of America aka BOA) about overdraft protection, which they said was a free service. I wrote a check, which would have caused an overdraft but since I had the overdraft protection, they took out 3k on our Visa account. Now we got the bill from Visa, which has both a transaction fee finance charge of $99.00 and a periodic rate finance charge. Is this a charge that I might successfully have waived?Thanks in advance. Marv
Where did that fee come from? Where did that fee come from?
by Scott Bilker
Howdy Scott, I am writing to you about a unique situation that occurred to me about two weeks and I was wondering if anyone else you know of and/or subscribes to your newsletter might have had this happen to them...there was an added $1.00 fee for processing the payment. I told the rep I was ready to close the account, since I considered this a money grab. Any thoughts? John, The Twin Cities of Minnesota
Credit Card Fee Increases Credit Card Fee Increases
by Gary Foreman
Gary, This month on our two credit card statements are notices informing us that as of Oct. 1st we may be charged "more than two" late fees or over the limit fees" per month. What's going on? Gwen
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