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Monday, October 2, 2023   
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Slashing Grocery Bills Slashing Grocery Bills
by Rachael Paxton
I used to not pay attention to grocery prices much at all. I have never been one to spend excessively, and have always been pretty good about only getting what's on my shopping list (a necessity!), but it took me awhile to realize that I could save some extra money if I started paying a little more attention to grocery price variations.
Liberate $400 from than Lunchbox! Liberate $400 from than Lunchbox!
by Tawara Kellam
The average school lunch cost $3/day or $540 per year and what mother hasn't wondered if those lunches actually get eaten? In her book Not Just Beans, frugal cooking expert Tawra Kellam provides solutions to jazz up those lunches and save up to $400 in the process. Here are some sack lunch tips that help guarantee you will be able to retire the "starving kids in Ethiopia" lecture for good.
Household Math™: Coupon Shopping Household Math™: Coupon Shopping
by Scott Bilker
You have two coupons for orange juice. One is for Minute Maid the other is for Tropicana. You like, and drink, both brands. The coupon for Minute Maid is for 2 half-gallon containers for $3. The coupon for Tropicana is $4.99 for a 96-ounce container. Which orange juice is the best deal? That is, which has the best price per unit volume? Hint: there are 128 fluid ounces in one gallon.
Are you paying Tony the Tiger's salary? Are you paying Tony the Tiger's salary?
by Samantha Powell
I have a major problem paying $3.89 for a box of cereal that more than likely cost $ .35 to make! What if I was to tell you that I NEVER, EVER pay more than $ .50 for a box of name brand good tasting cereal? You are probably thinking "no way" or "not possible"! But it is! How, you say? By using coupons, yes coupons.
Cutting Food Costs: Saving Time vs. Money Cutting Food Costs: Saving Time vs. Money
by Rachael Paxton
You may think that if you make everything from scratch that you will save a lot of money at the grocery store every month. In a lot of cases, this may be true. When you prepare your own meals you will often see an immediate cost savings per portion, and perhaps an overall increase in nutritional value as an added bonus. So what if you don't have the time to cook?
Seasonal Sales Shopping List Seasonal Sales Shopping List
by Sandy Shields
Been saving up for that 'something special'? Want to know when you will get the best deal? Are you curious to know when your favorite foods will be going on sale? Let this seasonal shopping guide help you make those strategic shopping decisions!
Household Math™: Shopping Sale Household Math™: Shopping Sale
by Scott Bilker
This is a situation we run into everyday. Stores are always sales, specials, etc. and thirfty people will try to take advantage of these sales. But how can you tell which discount is the better discount?
Household Math™: Coupons and Sandwiches Household Math™: Coupons and Sandwiches
by Scott Bilker
Here's something us guys at DebtSmart were discussing last week. We're always ordering from this Sub Shop down the street and, being the thrifty folks we are, we decided to figure out the most money-saving way to get lunch. An excellent example of math that can be applied to everyday situations.
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